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Maple Maple calculates the wrong answer?

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    Hi all!

    I have tried to calculate a1 using Maple as shown here: http://screencast.com/t/iV1XwJ1CXiqU

    The problem is when I do this exact same calculation by hand with the exact same values I always end up with 59.99 but Maple gets 65.03?

    How can there be such a big difference?

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    What are the units of theta, degrees or radians?
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    The following Mathcad 15 implementation makes it look like Maple's 'correct' answer uses radian measure for θdw and you've used degree measure.

    attachment.php?attachmentid=55341&stc=1&d=1359924526.jpg http://screencast.com/t/iV1XwJ1CXiqU

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    Wow thanks so much guys thats been driving me crazy! I can't believe I never figured that out! You guys are lifesavers :)
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    No worries. Been there, done that and worn the T-shirt to shreds.
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