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Markopoulou geometrogenesis planck similar to LQG?

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    Markus or others who are familiar with this.. Im aware Fotini Markopoulou Geometrogenesis occurs only during the Big Bang. But I'd like to know if it's planck scale structure a present (after the Big Bang) is similar to the planck scale structure of Loop Quantum Gravity? If they were not similar. How do their planck scale structure differs?
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    I think it is the same as quantum graphity. The most recent comment on it I know of is in Rivasseau's http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.1461.

    "Hence just as asymptotic ultraviolet freedom of QCD has its infrared counterpart in quark connement and nuclear physics, we hope the RG flow of TGFTs (and in particular of the renormalizable asymptotically free TGFTs) to lead to a physically interesting cosmology. Suppose an observer could run down the RG flow of such a fundamental theory. He would see the universe, initially in its "pregeometric" phase, condense through the big-bang into an effective continuous space-time and cool with all its matter fields through many phase transitions and accretions to the present universe. Conversely, running the movie backwards, that is against the RG flow, he would see the universe dissolve into more and more elementary constituents and ultimately see space-time itself "boil" into a pregeometric phase described by the fundamental theory, in our case the perturbative regime of a TFGT.

    In [28] the condensation of a pregeometric universe into the one we live in was dubbed "geometrogenesis" and the name graphity was coined to suggest that it could come from a purely combinatorial approach on graphs. In group eld theory this scenario of space-time emerging as a condensate has been extensively developed by D. Oriti and collaborators. In [182] a general discussion is given on the disappearance of continuum space and time at microscopic scale. The paper outlines the related conceptual issues and shows how the GFT framework for quantum gravity can provide a concrete computational approach to geometrogenesis."

    The relationship between GFTs and LQG is reviewed in

    Group field theories for all loop quantum gravity
    Daniele Oriti, James P. Ryan, Johannes Thürigen
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