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Master`s degree before PhD in Physics

  1. Apr 17, 2016 #1
    Hello folks, I know that Master`s degree is not a requirement for a PhD degree. Despite that, I am finishing my Bachelor`s of science in physics at June 2017 and I want to go to a PhD program. I am afraid that I cannot do it right away because I don`t have much time to study for GREs (difficult semester and I am doing REU this summer). I am studying physics at a small college which offers a master`s program that I am not interested in, but I can get master`s if I am going to stay in college for another year to study for GREs(until summer 2018).

    My questions are: should I get a master`s degree in photonics that my college offers or just better try to find internships or research job that I am interested in during the year from summer 2017 to summer 2018 while staying in college and taking a few classes? Will the master`s degree increase my chances in getting into PhD program?

    My interests are theoretical/computational physics.
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    One way of analyzing this is by asking yourself whether you would rather spend 10s of thousands more dollars getting a (MS) degree you don't really want or really need, or spending the year doing something you want and getting paid for it. Beyond finances, I don't believe that a quick and dirty MS at your present school is going to get you much traction with prospective PhD programs. My advice is to get some good research experience under your belt outside of your academic institution and get paid for it.
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