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Master's degree in the U.S./U.K.?

  1. Jan 6, 2015 #1
    Hey everyone!
    I will be passing out of high school in three months' time and I will most probably be taking up a course with honours in physics. I will be doing my undergraduate studies in my home country (India). I want to know whether its worth going to the U.S./U.K. for a master's degree or should I just do my masters in India (there are some really good universities for this in India like the IITs, IISc, TIFR etc)? I also want to know if there are any courses which award dual degrees (MS and PhD) in any good universities in these countries. Thanks!
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    I can't speak for the U.K but I know of schools in the U.S that have a "pass through masters" which is where a masters is awarded while the student is still enrolled in the Ph.D program.
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    At most universities in the US, in physics, you enter a Ph.D. program directly after finishing a bachelor's degree. Along the way, you can pick up a master's degree after finishing a certain amount of coursework. That's how it happened with me about 35 years ago. Standalone master's programs are usually terminal degrees that are not intended to lead to a Ph.D., although some students probably do continue on to a Ph.D.
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