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A master's degree (from Latin magister) is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. A master's degree normally requires previous study at the bachelor's level, either as a separate degree or as part of an integrated course. Within the area studied, master's graduates are expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation, or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently.

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  1. H

    Other Need advice regarding choosing my master's research project in theoretical physics and applied maths

    Hi, I am pursuing a master's in theoretical physics and applied maths and now I need to start working on a research project. It has been so tough to decide the topic as I currently don't feel ready to commit to one particular research area. Based on the modules I have taken so far, I do get...
  2. Bertin

    Other Choosing one's Master's thesis

    Dear all, I open this thread hoping you can give me some advice on the situation that follows. I am ending my master degree in Physics, with a strong curiosity—and almost complete ignorance of—quantum gravity. It is relevant here to let you know that the reason I am attracted to this/these...
  3. F

    Studying How Hard is a Master's in Physics at SJSU?

    I want to know how hard is to get a Master's in Physics from SJSU. I am not a Physics major and I want to know if by attending this program will I be able to do other personal activities or is it likw I will just be studying all the time.
  4. lucija_z

    Programs Pursuing a Master's in Physics After an Architecture Degree

    hi, is it possible after a bachelor's degree in architecture to pursue a master's degree in physics and how?
  5. G

    Programs Evaluating Physics Master's Programs

    If you were to rank potential components of a Physics Master's program, which do you think are the most important for preparing you for a PhD: courses, research, project report, thesis? Also I've seen programs ranging in duration from as short as 9 months all the way up to 2 years. How much...
  6. R

    Physics Is getting a Master's degree in physics worth it?

    Is getting a masters degree in physics worth it or is anything short of a PhD at the same level as a bachelors when it comes to job types and prospects?
  7. D

    Physics Changing my physics subfield between Master's and PhD

    Hello, dear all. Currently I'm studying MSc in physics hoping to do PhD soon after my graduation. I did my bachelor in Quantum Electrodynamics, and before starting my MSc in physics, I was working as a research assistant in experimental HEP lab, and I thought I wanted to explore other subfields...
  8. Menna_Ali

    How Hard is it to find a research job with a Master's degree in Physics?

    Hello everyone, ever since I was little I wanted to go into the research field, I have a bachelor degree in physics but I actually wanted to major in engineering because I am more of a doer and I enjoy experimenting with things on hand, but I had to major in physics because in my country (Egypt)...
  9. S

    Programs Can I go from a Physics Bachelor's degree to a Comp Sci Master's?

    Hi, I recently graduated with a Physics and (pure) Math double major but I'm having a bit of a crisis on where to go with my life. I'd like to pursue a Physics PhD, but I'm trying to think of a plan B in case that doesn't work out. I have a general interest in math and programming, so I was...
  10. V

    Confusion on which Master's degree area to choose

    Hello all, I am trying to search for different areas to do masters which would match my interests. I am broadly interested in , fluids (aligned to general aerodynamics) especially compressible fluids , turbomachinery, rockets. I am thinking to work in some sector related to gas turbines or jet...
  11. max-hanrahan

    Programs List of terminal master's programs?

    Hello! I'm a rising senior in undergrad, and grad school's on my mind. I want to get a better feel for research but don't want to fully commit to a PhD, and so one of my professors recommend I look into grad programs with terminal master's degrees—that is, schools that offer a physics master's...
  12. C

    Admissions How good do recommendation letters for Master's programs have to be?

    Math major. You know math classes: lectures, problem sets, tests. If you interact with the prof., it's normally just in office hours unless you do research with them. I'm looking to get into master's programs. I have excellent grades, but I'm worried about rec letters since I never really got...
  13. C

    Courses The right Curriculum for a Physics Master's Degree (Quantum Optics & Info)?

    Hello everyone. I'm starting my M.Sc. in Physics in the summer term. I'm studying in Germany and completed a standard programm in the bachelor programm which consisted of the obligatory courses like Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Mechanics. I have to mention...
  14. R

    Study Block during Master's Thesis work

    Hi, I am currently in the situation where I'm trying to finish my master thesis. I have 65 to 70 pages written but I still have the editing to do. Simulations are nearing the end so I have most of what I need to finish. Unfortunately, I still need to read papers and get more background...
  15. C

    What can you do with a Master's degree in biophysics?

    What can you do with a masters degree in biophysics?
  16. D

    Physics Is there any way to do a Master's in Physics without Physics in undergrad?

    I am doing my BS in Data Science, I always liked physics but couldn't get in BSc Physics course. I want to know If I can continue my studies in Physics or some data science physics hybrid course(?) without formal education in Physics? I tried to solve GRE Physics test myself and scored around...
  17. A

    Programs Need advice about choosing Physics or Chemistry for my Master's degree

    Hi , I 'd like to make a master degree but am not sure which department should I join to meet my goals that I will tell you about shortly , let's begin by my background first, Background : I have a bachelor in computer and communications engineering , during my study I had basic Electronics...
  18. obstinatus

    Programs Choice of Master's degree program, Physics vs. Applied Math

    Hi All, I finished my BS in physics last year and currently work full-time in engineering. I want to pursue my dream of being a research physicist, but I wasn't a stellar undergraduate student, so I'll have to be a self-funded, part-time masters student at first, and I chose to live near the...
  19. K

    Physics Do you need a Master's degree to teach physics at an American university?

    Hello! Do you need to have a master on top of a PhD to teach at an American university? I see that most programs for PhD start right after undergrad and they are about 5-6 years and they give your a doctorate degree. Do you also get a master degree on top, or is that something separate you need...
  20. PainterGuy

    Programs Which Master's program is a good choice?

    Hi, Between the choices given below, which one is going to be more in demand and helpful in landing a good job. My general impression is that MS in Computer Engineering or MS in Electronic Design are good but you could only aim to be hired by selective companies. On the other hand, MS in...
  21. nikoladjal

    Other Topic for a Master's Degree in theoretical Astrophysics final project

    Hello all, I'm doing a Master's Degree in Theoretical Astrophysics and now I need to decide in which topic I will do my final project and I wanted to ask you what would be the best option. I would like to do something that would make me have some future in the investigational path I choose...
  22. G

    Programs Quantum Computation and Information Master's Degree

    I'm in a Physics BSc programme and I would like to delve into quantum computation and quantum information. There are two master's degree in Europe that I find interesting in particular: Quantum Engineering MSc at ETH Zurich and Applied Physics MSc at TU Delft (track in Quantum Devices and...
  23. Phylosopher

    Admissions Postponing starting my Master's degree (Germany)

    Hi,I have been accepted in one of the top universities in Germany. The program starts not very far from today (Summer 2020). Problem is that I have just established myself in my career as a teacher and I do not have a lot of money to support myself abroad. (just started two months from now) My...
  24. zezee42

    Physics Master's degree: Computational Science vs. Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello everyone, I study physics in Hungary and this is the last year of the BSc. After that I would like to do my Master's degree in Austria either at TU Wien (Computational Science and Engineering) or at JKU in Linz (Artificial Intelligence). My question is: which field has better career...
  25. Floatzel98

    Programs European Master's Programs in Physics

    Hey everyone, So here in Australia things are a bit different to Europe (and the US). Here you would usually finish your honours year and then apply to a PhD. How I understand it is in Europe is it goes - BSc, Masters then PhD. I'm close to finishing my honours year (which includes a research...
  26. grandpa2390

    Other How should I tailor my Master's in Applied Physics

    so at this point, my interest in going back for a master's degree (my bachelor is in physics), is because I just want to find a job. But this time I want to be smarter about it than I was the first time around. I want to go in with a plan. When I'm working on my Applied Physics degree, I can get...
  27. H

    How to get admission into Master's in Astronomy after electrical engineering

    Hello, I am Harshil from india. I have completed my Bachelor's in electrical and now i want to do Master's in Astronomy, so i have few questions please answre it... 1) Can i get the admission in MS/Msc astronomy if i have done electrical engineering? 2) If the answer of first question is...
  28. gerardofingurbe

    Programs Applying To a PhD program before finishing your master's degree

    Hello , So let me explain my situation and why I want to do this, I'm currently in a physics' master at CINVESTAV, Mexico , my bachelor's degree is in electronics engineering and I obtained it at URBE in Venezuela, I'm Venezuelan and when I decided to leave Venezuela I did it with the intention...
  29. S

    Other Should I pursue a Master's or PhD from BS EE? Perception of this choice?

    After I finished my EE degree (Major/Cumul GPA: 3.6, mostly A's in math and physics) in December 2015, I began work as a programmer at an electric company for a couple of years. I saved up a good amount of money and established myself to the point where I have the free time to even think about...
  30. E

    Job Skills Leaving a 2nd Master's degree to accept an offer abroad

    This is my first post so don't be too harsh. I was just looking to get additional opinions in order to make a more informed decision. Since I always had the idea of becoming an astrophysicist I enrolled in Bsc in physics engineering (5 years) here, and due to being the top student I was invited...
  31. null geodesic

    Programs Advisable/Possible to get a Master's in Physics during MedPhys PhD?

    Is it advisable or possible to get a Master's in physics or astrophysics while doing a PhD in medical physics? I chose to pursue a medical physics PhD over physics. I love the rigorous coursework of physics, however, and my medical physics program is separate from the physics program and is...
  32. i_am_brendan

    Programs Recommendation for an online master's degree in astrophysics?

    Next year I'm considering an online masters in astrophysics / astronomy. Any recommendations / has anyone done one? Top universities in this field? I have a B.Sc and M.Sc in mathematics and strong background in computer science / data analytics so I want one which is technical. The options I...
  33. M

    Programs Which Master's programme is better?

    I was recently accepted into two master's programs. One is the two-year track Theoretical Physics in The Master's programme Physics and Astronomy, a joint degree with Universiteit of Amsterdam. The other is the Master of Science Programme (MSc) in Physics track "quantum Physics" of the...
  34. I

    Admissions Tricky master's thesis problem

    Hi, This is my first post and by no means a simple question, I believe. But all advice is appreciated. In particular, if there are university teachers/professors that are willing to give their opinion, I’d be very grateful. So thank you in advance. Here’s a little background regarding my...
  35. Pi Pie

    Math Maximizing Employability with a Master's Degree After 30

    Hi, everyone. Here I am, once again, full of uncertainty as for my future. I've previously stated my situation in another thread so this time I'm going straight to the point. If all ends meet I'll be acquiring my Master's degree in applied and computational mathematics at the age of 32...
  36. D

    Other Should I finish my physics master's degree to pursue my career in IT

    I live in a former postsocialist country where master's degree (i.e. not only bachelor's) is considered to be a complete university education. Bachelor's degree usually takes 3 years to complete and master's takes another 2. To get a degree, you have to pass a so-called state exam at the end of...
  37. L

    Programs Need advice on what to do about my master's degree

    I have a major in mathematical physics and mathematics and I've started on graduate school january of the last year to get a master's degree in theoretical physics. My real interest is fundamental physics, specialy related to general relativity and quantum field theory. I've talked to a...
  38. A

    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    Hi PhysicsForums! I was hoping I could get some advice on a common issue amongst physics majors. I am currently pursuing a degree in physics and am halfway through my second year. I have really enjoyed it so far, but I have also developed an interest in electrical engineering recently...
  39. T

    Schools How Competitive are Master's Programs

    Hi, I am planning to apply to Master's programs in hopes of improving my credentials and then applying to a mid-top tier PhD program afterwards. My question is partially in the title, how competitive are terminal Master's programs in Physics in comparison to PhD programs? I have heard that it is...
  40. Dan Card

    Programs Go for a Master's or Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering?

    Hey guys, right now I am attending University of Michigan pursuing Aerospace Engineering, my question is should I go straight to my master's or just get a bachelor's. My plan is that I could take some of my actual engineering courses next year, get an internship over the following summer then...
  41. Grands

    Programs How important is the master's degree in the USA?

    I've seen that a lots of people end his carrier as a student without doing the master degree, and my question is, how much this one in important in the USA? For example in Italy is very hard to find a job with only a bachelor's degree, and probably it will be underpaid, cause the bachelor's...
  42. R

    Programs Master's degree without ABET undergrad

    Hi all, I'm currently applying to a master's program in engineering. The program seems to be great except for one caveat - it's not ABET accredited. Nor do I think are any master's programs (correct me if I'm wrong on that). This isn't a problem for most applicants who have an ABET undergrad...
  43. A

    Help on Theoretical Physics Master's Application

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for a masters degree in theoretical physics. I am having troubles on writing the personal statement part since I really need to make it shine (200 applications and 20 places:frown:) . Any definitely do's and dont's I should bear in mind? A...
  44. stargateengineer

    Programs Master's vs. Bachelor's in mechanical engineering?

    Hello, I'd like to know about the master's in mechanical engineering, what exactly sets it apart from the bachelor's? What makes it a more advanced level? Is it that students are instructed in more complex, sophisticated math, physics, engineering techniques? How many years in addition to the...
  45. N

    Courses Can I do a Master's in Physics in the US after a BTech

    My parents will only pay for my college education if I take up an engineering discipline but I really want to study physics and astronomy. Is applying to a Master's Astronomy/Physics program in the United States a viable option after completing a B.Tech(engineering) program in Nanotechnology or...
  46. V

    Programs Bachelor's in 3 or Master's in 4?

    Hello there, incoming freshman majoring in physics here. My academic advisor couldn't really provide advice for this question, and I've been having a bit of trouble looking for guidance elsewhere. I was fortunate enough to rack up enough AP credit in high school to be capable of graduating in 3...
  47. R

    Career advice -- What can I do with a Master's in Theoretical Physics and a Bachelor of Computer Science?

    Hi everyone, What can I do with a master's in theoretical physics and a bachelor of computer science ? I am in Canada, I had to do a master's before a PhD. I just decided to do something else than physics afterwards. I had the opportunity to do a PhD in computer science, in medical imaging...
  48. J

    Programs How to recover GPA in order to apply to Master's programs?

    I'm an undergrad aspiring to be a candidate for a MS in Medical Physics. I came into freshman year as a physics major, did poor in my first physics class, and changed my major to business. After realizing that was a mistake after a year, I switched back to physics. My Major GPA is a 2.0 after 10...
  49. Leonardo Machado

    Physics Nuclear or Astrophysics master's degree?

    Hello everyone. I'm approaching the end of my physics graduation and must start to think about what to do next. I'm working in a project with a professor in the university about stellar sctructure and it captivated me. Now i don't know if i take the specialization in nuclear physics or...
  50. Luis Obis

    Programs Choosing a Master's degree in Physics

    I am a physics student from Spain and hopefully I will be finishing my degree in physics (4y) by next June. I am trying to decide on a Master's program to study but I am finding very difficult to decide since there are so many oportunities and so diverse specially when looking for programs...