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Masters in Physics after engineering

  1. Apr 13, 2015 #1
    I am doing my engineering in telecommunication Branch in a private college (CMRIT) in India. I want to change my field to Physics. I want to study Masters in Physics (In USA or any other country). So it is possible to get admitted to Universities offering MS in physics.
    The education system in India is quite different from US and so i am having some difficulty searching the websites of universities to get the details about the masters degree. Please provide me with information about the education system in US.
    What should i require to get admission in universities. I am planning to write GRE and IELTS in july.
    I want to do PH.D after finishing MS.
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    When I went through grad school, it seemed that when applying to a PhD-granting institution, you had a better chance if you applied directly to the PhD program rather than an MS program there. So, if the PhD is your goal, don't think that you have to first get an MS before applying to a PhD program.
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    Please start by reading this:


    and then this:


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