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Masters options for electrical engineering?

  1. Aug 30, 2016 #1
    I graduated with a B.E.E. last year, took some time off now i am planning to pursue a masters degree in engineering. i did graduate with a decent grade but i did not enjoy studying electrical engineering at all. my aptitude is more towards management and arts. are there any masters options in engineering where i can use my electrical engineering knowledge while making sure its not entirely technical? e.g. engineering management.

    i know that i should have taken up architecture or civil engineering to begin with but i was young and naive. and i dont want to go through the same frustration that i went through during the last 2 years of my degree.

    also , what are your thoughts about computer engineering,
    i want a feild where i am supposed to be intuitive. i want to pursue a career in management or corporate.
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    Why would have civil engineering been any different?

    If you want a degree in management, get a MBA. If you want a managerial role that combines electrical engineering, get a job as an entry level engineer then progress naturally to the more senior management roles internally - like project manager.
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