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Materials issues in the radiation environment

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    This is rather useful. While it covers primarily materials issues in the Tokamak environment, the issues concerning the performance of materials in an irradiation environment are generic.

    ITER - Materials R&D - http://www.iter.org/MaterialsRD.htm [Broken]

    In Light and Heavy Water Reactor technology, not only does one have to be concerned with the normal corrosion that comes with an aqueous environment, but one must be concerned with the effects of neutron, beta and gamma irradiation on materials.
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    I did not know the ITER website had this, and I usually checked up on it every month or so. As I said in the other thread, materials intrest me so I am suprised I missed it.
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    Good complete read about ITER material issues - our dep. has been primarily working on the structural/heat sink, blanket and functional materials & the multimaterial joints that are needed in couple of places. All in all the progress done there has benefitted related materials research areas quite nicely (especially the complex joining issues in those conditions have tested material models & modellers).
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