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Materials on modelling phenomena with ODE/PDE

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    I am looking for some guidance w.r.t modelling real world phenomena using ODE/PDE/SDE type equations. Are there books which go into the issues of modelling real world phenomena with these sorts of equations?

    Thanks in advance,

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    What type of modeling are you looking into? Thermal modeling, electromagnetics, stress, ... etc.

    Please do not say "ALL" as no book covers all of the information.

    The more specific your question is the better the answer will be.

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    Well I am more looking for general principles but I am primarily interested in the area of systems biology atm.

    The questions I am interested in are things like:

    1) How does one go about formulating a model?
    2) How does one verify that the model is correct?
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    The best book that I can recommend is "Transport Phenomena" by Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoot.

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    Thanks I will take a look :-).
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