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A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενον, romanized: phainómenon, lit. 'thing appearing to view'; plural phenomena) is an observable fact or event. The term came into its modern philosophical usage through Immanuel Kant, who contrasted it with the noumenon, which cannot be directly observed. Kant was heavily influenced by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in this part of his philosophy, in which phenomenon and noumenon serve as interrelated technical terms. Far predating this, the ancient Greek Pyrrhonist philosopher Sextus Empiricus also used phenomenon and noumenon as interrelated technical terms.

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  1. Z

    I Unidentified Luminescent Phenomena (ULP)

    My personal experience with ULP; Experience happened on December 31st, 2021 at approximately 1400 hours or 2:00PM. I am going to keep my name and identity undisclosed because this is still the internet. I live Arizona and it was a mildly rainy day. My friend and I had been doing some hiking and...
  2. ohwilleke

    A LQG Legend Writes Paper Claiming GR Explains Dark Matter Phenomena

    A new group of investigators are attempting something similar to Deur's work, which seeks to explain dark matter phenomena with general relativity corrections to Newtonian gravity is systems like galaxies. Deur's most similar publication to this one along these lines was: One thing that makes...
  3. A

    I Energy conditions and non-physical phenomena

    Is the inability to exceed the speed of light a consequence of general relativity? Is the fact that no energy is created from empty space a consequence of general relativity? Or are they both constructions deriving from the energy conditions imposed to have solutions to Einstein's equations that...
  4. S

    Anyone interested in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and how they work?

    Just wondering if anyone here finds these video/picture leaks about UAP's (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) interesting and inspiring enough to try and figure out how they work? Pretty big game changer of technology and would be fun to discuss. I'm hoping at least someone agrees.
  5. nik282000

    Fractals/Dendrites and the Dissolving of Phenoxyethanol in Water

    I shot some high speed footage of phenoxyethanol dissolving into water and observed some fractal/dendrite like patters at the edge of thin droplets that float on the surface of the water. I suspect that the water under the droplet becomes saturated very quickly as the phenoxyethanol is not...
  6. sacrovalle

    Recommendations on introductory reading to ionosphere phenomena

    Hello everyone! I'm currently an Aerospace major student entering my third year of college, studying in northern Mexico. After enrolling in a summer school by Mexico's national space weather lab, I have been offered an opportunity to participate in the development of an ionosonde antenna in my...
  7. E

    Extremely rare "ball lightning" phenomena caught on video.

    Extremely rare ball lightning phenomena was captured on video.
  8. jacobtwilliams001

    Intermolecular forces and Transport phenomena

    I am able to find and understand T from kinetic theory, but I do not understand how to use pressure gradient per unit of area and per unit pressure gradient.
  9. K

    Atomic Finding I. B. Khriplovich's "Parity Non-conservation in atomic phenomena

    Hello! Can someone point me towards a place where I can find this book: I. B. Khriplovich, "Parity Non-conservation in atomic phenomena.". Ideally I would prefer a free version, but even paying (a reasonable price) for it is ok. Thank you.
  10. AndreasC

    I What are the most important phenomena that the Standard Model can't explain?

    I guess the crux of the question is, where are we more likely to encounter new physics? The standard model already explains almost every experimental result, but not EVERY result. But what are some of the most important results that are either incompatible with the standard model or just...
  11. A

    Other Exploring Physics Behind Everyday Phenomena: Leidenfrost Effect

    Once upon a time a young me noticed that when I spinkled some water on the hot surface of an stove plate the droplets refused to boil and instead they started to move around, but only if the plate was hot enough. Years and years later I was shocked to find that it is actually a well stablished...
  12. Ahmed Naji

    A question about non-Newtonian fluids in a "Transport Phenomena" book

    In this topic >> https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/stress-tensor-for-non-Newtonian-fluid.860240/ Mr. Chestermiller replies that "For a purely viscous non-Newtonian fluid (not viscoelastic), you use exactly the same form of equation as for a Newtonian fluid (see Bird, Stewart, and...
  13. K

    I Mysterious Physical Phenomena: Exploring Unsolved Mysteries

    Hello! Are there any areas in physics where we have observational evidence of a phenomena but no solid/widely accepted theoretical explanation, something similar to atomic spectra, photo electric effect, mercury precession (for example) in the beginning of the 20th century? Thank you!
  14. Ranku

    I Exploring Natural Phenomena Similar to Nuclear Fission

    Is there any phenomenon in nature that resembles or is analogous to nuclear fission?
  15. E

    I Pressure vs Normal Stress: Exploring Bird Transport Phenomena

    What's really the difference between pressure and normal stress? Also I know pressure acts normal to a surface from the outside Do normal stress acts from inside? I'm reading bird transport phenomena and this is confusing
  16. E

    Classical Bird's book "Transport Phenomena"

    in the book " transport phenomena" (Bird) when obtaining the famous equation of hagen poiseuille Bird defines a variable that involves the pressure, but when doing an exercise a term magically disappeared, someone could explain to me what happened why we took into account the pressure in this...
  17. hagopbul

    I Exploring Glory Phenomena in X-Rays

    Hello all: I was looking on the internet for some optical phenomena called glory , and start to wonder can we see the same phenomena in x-rays , dose this phenomena effect the x-rays impulse , not talking about Compton scattering Best H.B.
  18. A

    The effect of macroscopic quantum phenomena on human evolution

    In a discussion between Sam Harris and Brian Greene, at this point, Brian stated that even if we return the brain and all the environment to its previous state, we "WON'T MAKE THE SAME NOISES"; I know that for example, indeterminacy in determining the precise time of decay of an atom (and the...
  19. jedishrfu

    Universal Quantum Phenomena found in Strange Metals

    A recent paper in Nature describes a new phenomena found in superconducting materials: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41567-018-0334-2 Quanta magazine wrote about it here: https://www.quantamagazine.org/universal-quantum-phenomenon-found-in-superconductors-20181119/
  20. W

    B Fourier Transform: Geometric Interpretation?

    Hi, outside the mathematical proof that shows that sines of different frequency are orthogonal... is there geometric interpretation/picture of this phenomena?
  21. Danny Boy

    A What is quantum synchronization?

    Can someone provide a clear basic description or reference to how the phenomena of synchronization manifests at the quantum scale? Thanks.
  22. F

    I Why does the wave equation describe certain phenomena

    I have recently started learning about waves. We didn't really formally describe what a wave is, but instead started by looking at a concrete example namely harmonic sinusoidal waves in 1d. We then introduced the wave equation in 1d and showed that the sinusoidal waves indeed satisfy this...
  23. arda

    I Can someone explain this phenomena?

    Can someone explain? When two charge moving as fast as possible , what force is acting on for blocking to collide.I mean if you think you are not moving and you are looking 2 charge which are moving as fast as to near light speed, they must collide each other if charge is not increasing...
  24. Zafa Pi

    I Chaos like phenomena on a simple metric space?

    Let M = {p, x1, x2, x3, ...} be a metric space with no isolated points. f: M → M is continuous with f(xn) = xn+1, and f(p) = p. We say f separates if ∃ δ > 0, ∋ for any y and z there is some n with |fn(y) - fn(z)| > δ, where fn+1(y) = f(fn(y)). QUESTION: Does f separate?
  25. Steven Bolgiano

    The phenomena of Siphons - Directional check valve prevents siponing

    I have in a prototype model, a pipe connected from one tank of liquid to another holding tank (at a lower a lower elevation). Its a biodigester, so the way it works is when liquid is added to tank #1, an equal amount is displaced through the pipe, into the lower level holding tank, #2. The...
  26. Wrichik Basu

    I Explanation of optical phenomena in light of Feynman's Theory

    In his second lecture of the QED series (see below), Prof. Richard Feynman explains the phenomenon of reflection from a plane mirror, and then the working of a diffraction grating with his theory of arrows (probability amplitudes), and we see that how the new theory, which is much moved from the...
  27. S

    A Quantum physics phenomena that have spiral-phase portraits?

    Hi, I was looking for a quantum physics phenomenon including in quantum field theory where the solutions of a related phase-plane system (i.e. the harmonic oscillator) have a spiral sink in the phase portrait? The harmonic oscillator has saddle points in the phase-portrait, given its eigenvalue...
  28. F

    News Looking for a name for a natural phenomenon

    There are many cyclical phenomena occurring in a nature which have a similar pattern, such as: Farting, Yawning : (Slow buildup of gas over time and then sudden discharge of the gas) earthquake Slow capacitor charging and then sudden discharge Monjolo (Water powered hammer) : Sectarion...
  29. A

    I Depth of field phenomena -- distant objects visible through close objects

    I observed a photograph taken with my telephone, and it has depth of field. foreground blurring of an metal grid mesh. yet some objects in the background are visible troughout the total blur of the mesh. marked with green circles. the depth of field or focal blur, almost makes the metal mesh...
  30. I

    I Are there hidden phenomena under the moon that only the naked eye can see?

    When I look up at the moon at night, I see something peculiar. It looks as if the moon is rolling on something for which I will not say. When I put my thumb to it, I can really get the image to open up. The phenomena is not apparent at all when viewed with aide of telescoping lens. Only bare...
  31. F

    A Is gravity a quantum phenomena or not?

    You Heard me.:smile: Seriously, I have seen some so called low effective theories of gravity, so if they are any good why aren't they taken to be as established theories, since all other ones seem to be valid in some energy scale anyway. Although I do admit that I dislike this adding one more...
  32. S

    I How is entropy defined for cosmological phenomena?

    How is entropy defined (if it is) for phenomena taking place on a cosmological scale? Entropy in thermodynamics is defined for equilibrium conditions. Do we assume cosmological phenomena are approximated by equilibrium conditions?
  33. C

    Optical Phenomena: Key Elements & Assumptions

    What are the key elements for an optical phenomenon and what are the underlying basic assumptions? Example: the key elements of flight are lift, drag, thrust and weight/gravity. Also would you please recommend resources I could use to find other people that would be interested in this topic?
  34. Gh. Soleimani

    Newton's Law of Cooling and Resonance Phenomena

    Can we find the natural frequency of water's molecules by using of Newton's law of cooling and resonance phenomena?
  35. A

    Thermometer/ reproducible thermal phenomena

    What are reproducible thermal phenomena that are used to calibrate thermometers?
  36. Samia qureshi

    Understanding Sonic Booms and Light Speed Phenomena

    As speed of the sounding source approaches speed of sound, sonic boom is heard... Can it happen in terms of light too.. ?
  37. T

    Please explain this laser phenomena

    So I'm sitting at my dest playing with my greeen laser pointer pointing it at different things. In all cases I see a green dot and its reflection off other objects. Except when I point it at a pink hilighter standing upright on my desk. Instead of a green dot I see a yellow dot. That dot...
  38. D

    I Quantum Superposition While Observing Phenomena?

    I decided to perform a little thought experiment -- without the mathematics. Assume we have two Schrodingers' Cats. After a while, they will be in a superposition of being alive and dead at the same time. Now assume that they are entangled, and we open the boxes at the exact same time. Cases...
  39. K

    An interesting phenomena with light I experienced

    I was drinking coffee at a roadhouse and looked out the window. I observed a lake and a cloudy sky. While I had the cup on my mouth and blew in it, naturally there was condensation on the glass (I wear eye glasses). When I looked out through the window I experienced something interesting. For a...
  40. G

    B Strange Phenomena when the Sun is low on the horizon?

    I live about 1/4 mile from the Interstate Highway. I am far enough away the traffic can not be heard until the sun is very low on the horizon. Every even for about 1 hour when the sun is very low it sounds like the interstate traffic is in my back yard. It is so loud it is just like standing...
  41. I

    Phase change phenomena in Fluent v15

    Hello everyone, I am beginner in fluent v15, and I want to simulate the temperature change as a function of time in the phase change materials "PCM" and the heat thermal fluid "HTF" and the PCM fusion Front. Regarding the geometry I chose to work with two coaxial tubes: the inner tube contains...
  42. V

    A Problem In Electromagnetic Phenomena

    Homework Statement [/B] In a thin rectangular metallic strip a constant current I flows along the positive x-direction, as shown in the figure. The length, width and thickness of the strip are l,w and d, respectively. A uniform magnetic field B is applied on the strip along the positive...
  43. H

    What is the phenomena of Mixing?

    I absolutely do not get it. I have read the boards in this section. What is the phenomena of mixing? I am just asking a simple question. I don't need to know about the CKM matrix (at least not yet) or D-zero mesons. What is a simple example (if there is one) of mixing? What do I start with...
  44. Ontophobe

    Four Indistinguishable Phenomena?

    It seems to me, and so I'm really just checking to see if I understand it all correctly, that there are four phenomena in nature that are indistinguishable from one another: (1) crossing beyond an observer's cosmic horizon, (2) crossing the event horizon of a black hole, (3) accelerating toward...
  45. H

    Question on Phenomena beyond General Relativity

    Hello, I'm Harry. I'm new here, hope not breaking any posting rules in any ways :) I have a question and would like to ask for some suggestions and information. The question is about general relativity or gravity and structure of the Universe in general; I know there are definitely quite a...
  46. H

    What Is the Name of the Phenomenon Where Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold?

    The one where hot liquids freeze quicker than cold liquids under certain conditions. Tried to search it but can't recall the name, some African sounding name like Memoba effect.
  47. kkpanu9

    Help explain Physics Phenomenon

    http://www.quora.com/How-can-sound-waves-alter-the-flow-of-water Ok, so I carried out this experiment, and I understand some of it, but need help with other parts. Ok, so are we actually seeing a sine wave formed by the water? If so, I understand that waves are supposed to transport energy...
  48. MexChemE

    Transport phenomena -- Direction of shear stress

    Greetings, PF! I have some questions regarding the problem I attached below. It is some sort of Couette flow variation. It's not homework, I'm just learning the basics of TP on my own. I fully solved the problem with the Navier-Stokes and continuity equations, using some assumptions in order to...
  49. A

    AH physics exam tomorrow - help with waves question? thanks

    1. Homework Statement If the optical path diff between two light waves is lambda/2 will they always interfere destructively? if this in true then wherever one wave undergoes aphase change of pi at one surface and the second wave does not then these two will always interfere destructively...