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Math and Physics is the language of the universe

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    I believe that mathematics/physics is somewhat the language of the universe. That symbols, numbers, measurements, conversions, equations, and theories are our own way of trying to articulate the concept of this physical world. That their are so many holes or things we don't understand, because we are trying to measure and make rules on something so vast and great.

    The universe is something we will always learn about and so great that people go crazy trying to figure out the most simple of equations to describe it.

    mathematics isn't the language of the universe, it is a insignificant language we have constructed and are still working on to try and understand what the universe is and how it functions.

    I know nothing about physics only recently even realized what it is and I do not want to pay thousands of dollars to hear someone drone on and on about it when i could learn for free. Are their any books, websites, or movies that anyone could refer me to?
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    Physics isn't there to understand how or why the universe works. You want Theology of Philosophy for that. Physics is about making models with predictive power, and the mathematics is simply a toolkit for that. If you are trying to do something else with it, you are not doing physics.
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    The observable laws of the universe are not a language by any reasonable definition. Language is a tool used to communicate meaning from one mind to another, natural laws are observable objective phenomenon.

    From the Oxford English Dictionary,



    1 [mass noun] the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way:
    a study of the way children learn language
    [as modifier]:
    language development
    a non-verbal method of expression or communication:
    body language

    2 a system of communication used by a particular country or community:
    the book was translated into twenty-five languages
    Computing a system of symbols and rules for writing programs or algorithms:
    the systems were developed using languages such as Fortran and Basic

    3 [mass noun] the style of a piece of writing or speech:
    he explained the procedure in simple, everyday language
    the phraseology and vocabulary of a particular profession, domain, or group:
    legal language
    (usually as bad/foul/strong language) coarse or offensive language:
    the film contains some violence and bad language

    Natural law


    1 an observable law relating to natural phenomena:
    the natural laws of perspective
    [mass noun] observable laws collectively.
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    I can't think how many times people here have posted the assertion that math is a language. I, personally, don't think it is, but I hardly know any math. At the same time, though, the people posting such assertions don't seem to be especially sensitive to, or knowledgable about, language per se. As a person who's both articulate and math-knowledgable, what's your reaction to the notion? Do you think it's accurate to characterize math as a language?
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    It all depends how you define "language" and how specific or otherwise vague you want to be about it.

    If language in its most basic form is defined as a means to communicate, then two people using mathematical symbols to communicate an idea fits that criterion.
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    And with that, thread closed.
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