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Math classes to supplement CS degree

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    Hello Physicsforums, i am a computer science student and i am just wondering what would be some good classes to supplement my CS degree with. i have some free electives from AP courses and i dont really want to waste them. I was thinking of taking a Number Theory class and an upper level Discrete Mathematics class, but i still have a 2-3 more spots. Would analysis or upper level algebra be useful to me or would they be redundant classes?

    also, on a side note, can you guys recommend me a book that would help me with proofs. a lot of these upper level classes are pretty proof heavy as i understand it and doing proofs was one of my weak areas in Calc 1 -3 (luckily those classes werent proof heavy).

    thanks in advance
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    I don't think Analysis (I think you mean Real Analysis) has much to do with CS (from the industry perspective), I don't know about research.

    Some classes which can be useful are - Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Automata Theory, Data Mining, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Fourier Analysis, Probability Theory, Probabilistic Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Game Theory, Combinatorial Geometry, Logic, Complexity Theory, Number Theory. Those are the ones I can think of right now.
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    A book that helped me in a class that was all about proofs is titled How to Prove It. I forgot whom the author is but just search it on amazon and it'll pop right up. It covers a some basic logic and set theory.

    About classes to help with a CS degree, my school offers some classes that focus more on application so you use Matlab a lot. Does your school offer anything like that? Some classes that my school offers are Matrix and Applied Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Complex Variables, and Fouriers Series. I think some kind of linear algebra is required by the CS department. Also they require probability or statistics. Also recommended math classes are modern algebra and introduction to analysis.
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