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Math guidance for aspiring physicists/mathematicians

  1. Oct 18, 2014 #1

    I found this website particularly useful for enriching my sophomore physics coursework and looking up some topics that are beyond scope of undergrad physics core:


    I wonder if there is anything like this for math? It's my second favorite field of study and I would like to be able to look up some more interesting concepts in sources more reliable and broad than wikipedia and faster than shuffling through all math books possible which as a sophomore I don't have many anyway.

    Also, I was wondering if fluid mechanics/hydrodynamics is more of a field of study of math or physics? None department at my school offers any BS/MS courses in it and I have not heard much about it except when it was mentioned a few times in ODE/PDE/waves courses. What would be good books to learn about this field more?

    Lastly, is this a good book to learn more about theory of functions or can you recommend anything better?


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    Fluid mechanics/hydrodynamics is often incorporated into other courses of study, like aerospace engineering or naval architecture. Schools which offer programs in aerospace engineering or ocean engineering offer courses in these fields, some of which are required for undergraduates, but probably more often for students enrolled in graduate study. Whether the FM/HM courses wind up in the Math department or the Physics department depends more on the organization of academics at a particular university. You should find plenty of courses offered in these subjects at universities like MIT, U. of Michigan, and the U. of California at Berkeley, among others.
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