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On becoming theoretical physicist

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    Simon Bridge

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    Neither and both.
    You should not be restricting your advise to just two websites - you need to compare advise from many sources and use your own reasoning and critical analysis to decide what to do in your life.

    Bottom line is, nobody can decide for you what is the best advise for you, although lots will try ;)

    The point of having a science education in the first place is to give you the skills to make these sorts of choices for yourself. It is your life after all.
    You will be able to become a theoretical physicist when you have figured out how to do that.
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    I agree with Simon. Also, a good thing to do would be to go to multiple different colleges websites and look at the required courses for physics major, textbooks used, and prerequisites. That way, you can figure out what to do, when, in what order, etc. by yourself. Doing so, although time-consuming, is much better than blindly following the advice of one website. Also, if you want, I'll answer any specific questions about ordering, textbook reqs., etc. You can either just post on here or PM me if you'd like.
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