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Math needed for high energy physics?

  1. Aug 28, 2009 #1
    How important is measure theory for high energy physics? My math skills are poor compared to my physics knowledge, so I want to focus more time studying math rather than physics, but I don't know what type of math to study. I can't find any online video lectures of things like differential geometry or group theory, but I found some online video lectures for real analysis that has a focus on measure theory. Although the lectures are free, it isn't exactly easy to understand for someone with my background in math, so it would be helpful to know whether the effort to learn it is worth it.
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    i dont think measure theory wud be useful at all to high energy physics. on the other hand pick a good book on representation theory. but do not go for something with a abstract mathematical flavor ... for that you will need some more background and you will be back to square one. my advice wud be to forget about learning mathematicain's maths and focus on physicist's maths. believe me these two are sufficiently different that both feel uncomfy with the other flavor.

    i do not have much exposure to physicist's maths, but whatever i have seen of penrose's road to reality, it contains some very good material on this flavor. read the part where he discusses the maths background. it is very good. he is a person well versed in both flavors so you can trust his judgement on what to put in such a book.

    and online video lectures are entertainment not learning.
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