What is High energy: Definition and 163 Discussions

High energy astronomy is the study of astronomical objects that release electromagnetic radiation of highly energetic wavelengths. It includes X-ray astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, and extreme UV astronomy, as well as studies of neutrinos and cosmic rays. The physical study of these phenomena is referred to as high-energy astrophysics.Astronomical objects commonly studied in this field may include black holes, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, supernovae, kilonovae, supernova remnants, and gamma ray bursts.

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  1. tommm222

    I Can Geant4 Simulate Alpha Particles in a Bragg Chamber?

    Me and my colleagues need to analyse data from a Bragg chamber. We have sources of Cm244, Am241, Np237 sending alpha particles in the chamber which is fill with Argon and CH4 at 1%. Is there any software that can simulate di situation ? I downloaded SRIM but i’m not sure it is the best one for...
  2. ohwilleke

    B Any big HEP conferences coming up in 2024?

    Are there any big HEP conferences (with papers or podcasts available online to non-participants) coming up soon?
  3. A

    How I can declare a spherical neutron source to calculate the thermal neutron flux in a cell?

    c Created on: Tuesday, September 05, 2023 at 11:26 1 1 -1.58 -1 2 0 -2 #1 3 0 -3 #1 #2 4 0 3 1 rpp -0.5 0.5 -0.5 0.5 0 0.1 2 so 10 3 so 15 mode n m1 15000. 0.12951 $matrix...
  4. R

    A Why don't we see super-symmetric particles?

    we can se many particles, also we can detect and produce antimatter however my question is why even at high energies we can not see any supersymmetric partner of a particle ?
  5. billtodd

    B Is there such a thing as a Quark Bomb?

    It would be interesting to build such a Bomb. "What kind of a Bomb? the Exploding kind!" Peter Sellers.
  6. S

    I Probing into protons with high-energy particles

    What is easily seen about how the internal structure of proton is explored is collisions of proton with electrons of high and varied energy. Electrons have an advantage that they are simple particles easy to handle: muons and tauons are short lived neutrinos are hard to aim and detect other...
  7. Alistarco

    How should I choose and begin learning about certain research fields?

    Hi, im in my third year in physics, and ive been wanting to look for a research field in which i can begin learning about it, such as high energy, or statistical physics, and maybe present my bachelor tesis in any of these fields, but i dont know how to approach these subjects or where to begin...
  8. Vanadium 50

    I LHC High L pp run ends for 2023

    A bellows failed at the LHC near IP8 (LHCb). It has been replaced and the sector is cooling. Beam is expected on or near September 11. There will not be enough time to return to high luminosity pp running, so the run plan for the rest of the year is low luminosity special pp running and heavy...
  9. E

    I How does diffusion of high energy electrons shift band structure?

    When an n-type material comes in contact with a p-type material to form pn-junction, electrons with the highest energy in the conduction band will diffuse to the p-side to reach equilibrium so the entire band structure on n-side will shift down relative to p-side as described in the following...
  10. S

    I Varying laws of high energy physics in inflation?

    I am have some questions that have arisen while reading an old but interesting article by Andreas Albrecht [1] that cites an article by Andrei Linde in the 90s on cosmic inflation [2]...Albrecht's paper is related to his ideas on "clock ambiguity" in which he proposes that the laws of physics...
  11. B

    A How to slow down a high energy neutral molecular beam

    Hello! I see that in experiments at facilities like ISOLDE, they produce molecular beams at energies of tens of keV. If I understand it right, they first create the molecule as a positive ion, and using electric fields (and maybe magnetic for mass selection) they take the particle out of the...
  12. B

    Admissions Including High Energy Theory as a field of interest in my SOP?

    Hi, I'm a current senior in college, and am applying to grad. schools for fall 2022. I'm interested in high energy theory, and I have had some research experience in ads/cft correspondence, kaluza-klein theory, computational particle physics. However, I'm not certain as to which particular topic...
  13. J

    Programming Languages used in Graduate School? (quantum, high energy, and nuclear physics)

    Hello, I have 1 undergrad year left and was wondering what the most used programming languages in grad school are. I still don't know which grad school will accept me so I haven't bothered to ask them directly as my application will be in November when I get my GRE scores. I am Interested in...
  14. Mikkel

    Ultra high energy cosmic ray deflection angle causes by magnetic field

    I'm given an ultra-high energy cosmic ray with energy 10^20 eV. It is coming from a source 10 Mpc away with an extragalactic magnetic field with strength B = 10^-9 G. I am to determine the maximum angular deflection of this cosmic ray, so it hits Earth. I don't have an attempt of the solution...
  15. K

    Could x-ray or other high energy device alter rice grains?

    I almost always buy food from local market but recently I want to buy some rice (and probably other foods later) overseas which will be imported through our customs, so most likely the food will be scanned through x-ray or other high energy devices that I don't know, could rice grains or other...
  16. C

    I High energy beta particles (6 to 22 MeV)

    We have a question about highly energized beta particles (6 to 22 MeV). Is it possible fore this radiation to affect the nucleus of an isotope and not just ionize it? In our case a copper-65 and copper- 63 isotope become their unstable neighbors Cu-64 and Cu-62 due to the high beta radiation...
  17. naviakam

    High Energy Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution?

    If the high energy ion spectra is similar to that of Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, possible to consider it as High Energy Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution? The ion spectrum is obtained due to the electric discharge in gas; and the peak energy is 30 keV and end point energy is 1.5 MeV and it is...
  18. dontknow

    I Causality for internel vertex in Feynaman diagrams

    Eq 4.44 in Peskin and Schroeder. My question is: Does causality imply that time coordinates of z (internal vertex over which we doing the integration) should lie between the time coordinates of field phi(x) and phi(y)?
  19. dara1998

    I What is the main challenge of high energy physics?

    Hi, my question is that what is the main challenge of high energy physics? what is the best theory that maybe explain it and why it would not be accepted?
  20. Adams2020

    I The surface area of an oblate ellipsoid

    In "An Introduction to Nuclear Physics by W. N. Cottingham, D. A. Greenwood" for the surface area of an oblate ellipsoid, the following equation is written for small values of ε : The book has said this without proof. I found the following formula for the desired shape: No matter how hard I...
  21. R

    B Which one is more efficient in generating high energy Gamma rays?

    According to https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a351472.pdf the big pulsed power accelerator, HERMES III, generate electron beam with peak energy at 22 MeV and average electron energy at 16 MeV and the resulting photon energy which is bremsstrahlung radiation is approximately 2 MeV...
  22. Adams2020

    Mass difference due to electrical potential energy

    I do not really know the relationship between potential energy and mass difference. Isn't the difference in mass of protons and neutrons due to their quarks? (the neutron is made of two down quarks and an up quark and the proton of two up quarks and a down quark.) Please help.
  23. S

    A High energy symmetry breaking and laws of physics?

    In some models of the beginning of the universe, like for example in chaotic inflation, space would stop expanding in some points, creating Hubble volumes that could experience different spontaneous symmetry breaking, which would result in different properties, such as different physical...
  24. A

    Other Best journals in High Energy Physics (formal theory)

    Hello, I request inputs about selecting a journal to submit an article in High Energy Physics. This is in formal theory as opposed to Particle Phenomenology. The article is more than ten pages so PRL is not an option. How would you choose between JHEP and Physical Review D? Which is rated higher...
  25. E

    B Can a high energy kinetic impact stimulate nuclear reactions?

    I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum, I have no idea where this question would really sit. A number of proposed theoretical weapons, and a concept often used in science fiction, describe a satellite launched, or rather dropped, rod that would gain large amounts of kinetic energy...
  26. hyksos

    A Reflecting on null results in High Energy Physics

    For nine years, a discrepancy of the charge radius of a proton was a tantalizing hint at physics beyond the Standard Model. Recent experiments at York U in Toronto have shown that the discrepancy in the proton radius was likely due to a measurement error. Once again, High-Energy-Physics finds...
  27. geoelectronics

    I High Energy Physics: Positron-Electron Annihilation

    [Moderator's note: Post edited to remove the homework header.] High school physics demonstrations teach and show us that a positron and an electron must be at rest with their environment before they can join together and annihilate. The process makes them disappear and they are replaced by two...
  28. avnl

    A Calculating the propagator of a Spin-2 field

    Nieuwenhuizen uses a method for calculating the propagator by decomposing the field ## h_{\mu\nu}, ## first into symmetric part ## \varphi_{\mu\nu} ## and antisymmetric part ## \psi_{\mu\nu} ##, and then by a spin decomposition using projector operators. Using this he writes the dynamical...
  29. cordless03

    A Can Particle Physics Revolutionize Biology?

    Are there any ways particle physics can impact biology? Specifically, being able to use methods from theoretical physics to study biological systems (possible physiology related).
  30. D

    Physics Are experimental high energy physics jobs this boring?

    Hello everyone. First of all allow me introduce my self briefly. I'm a guy from not that high progressed country of particle physics, and i graduated almost a year ago with degree of a bachelor in physics. I was a top student in my uni and got some prestigious scholarships. Just like many other...
  31. G

    High energy laser vs supervelocity missile

    I am writing a hard space opera. I plan multiple types of space battles, orbital, asteroid mine capture, board a ship (yes it is very hard to match its course). But my biggest question is the situation of convoy attack. In this case, attack frigates can speed up to 100 km/s. How could lasers...
  32. pallab

    Good books on Group theory in High Energy physics

    please suggest me a good book on the high energy physics where group theory is discussed for the beginner.
  33. T

    High-Energy Photon: What Happens?

    Ok guys, so let's suppose we have a mass of 1kg. We can calculate the energy that matter could deliver. E=mc², roughly 10^8c. Supposing this energy was delivered from a photon (supposing it exists such a processus that could delivery such energy in a single photon), we can calculate the...
  34. e0ne199

    Good reference to learn high energy physics

    hello everyone, i just want to know about some good reference to learn high energy physics, maybe with some examples for real world practical application... and i heard that old books with this topic is far better than the new ones, can anyone here recommend a book or two? thanks before and i am...
  35. Malek

    B Are Antiparticles the Key to Understanding the Universe?

    There is an assumption in cosmology say that there is another universe Composed of antiparticles? I mean that the atom composed of positron rather than an electron, anti-proton rather than a proton and anti-neutron rather than a neutron.
  36. S

    Can Theoretical Physics PhDs Thrive in Industry Jobs?

    <Moderator note: Moved from academic guidance to career guidance on Scott92's request. Reason: The question primarily addresses job opportunities in dependence of PhD subject.> Hey everyone, I'm a student who is currently undertaking a Master of Physics (coursework & research) at the...
  37. T

    I Low quantum numbers, high energy, and distance scales.

    I understand how we associate high energies with small wavelengths and thus small distance scales, but we also tend to associate small distance scales with ordinary quantum mechanics, and hence low quantum numbers (low energy). Also, many high-energy processes are active across large distance...
  38. B

    I High energy laser-electron inerraction same as in TWT amplifier?

    Isn't the high energy laser-electron interaction described in the following article and citation, the very same principle used in the classical TWT amplifier? https://phys.org/news/2018-02-intense-laser-evidence-electrons.html https://journals.aps.org/prx/pdf/10.1103/PhysRevX.8.011020
  39. C

    I Wormholes & Arbitary High Energy: Exploring Possibilities

    Could we hypothetically use it to create a region of space with the magnitude of the stress component of stress energy tensor greater than magnitude of mass denisty component?
  40. A

    High Energy High Energy Physics and Group Theory Book Recommendations

    Hey there! I just want to ask if there are any books you would like to recommend that helps in studying high energy physics and HEP data analysis? Also can you recommend a good book for group theory and symmetry? I would be glad if you have links to free downloadable books. Thanks in advance!
  41. I

    Quantum QFT: groups, effective action, fiber bundles, anomalies, EFT

    Hi, I am looking for textbooks in QFT. I studied QFT using Peskin And Schroeder + two year master's degree QFT programme. I want to know about the next items: 1) Lorentz group and Lie group (precise adjectives, group representation and connection between fields and spins from the standpoint of...
  42. R

    Need career guidance for my masters in High Energy physics

    Hi I am graduating next year from the Univeristy of Athens Greece as a physicist so a moment has come where I have to make a big decision. I have already chosen the path of Theoretical High energy physics and I am currently working on my thesis which focuses on Q.E.D. My first ambition...
  43. randomguy2335

    Schools UCB vs UCSD: Grad School & High Energy Physics

    Im debating between Berkeley and UCSD and I am not sure what to do, I plan to go to grad school, and I am worried that it might be difficult to get a lot of research done at UCB whereas I've heard its easier to get into research at UCSD. Furthermore I'd start a semester late at UCB because I...
  44. O

    B Is Dark Matter physics low or high energy physics?

    Is dark matter physics considered a low or high energy physics, and why?
  45. S

    Other Success in high energy theory - supervisors' thoughts

    This question is directed to all the professors who have supervised PhD students in high energy theoretical physics. What attributes have you noticed (during your years as a supervisor) among PhD students who later went on to have great careers in high energy theoretical physics and made a name...
  46. H

    Studying Preparing for high energy physics MSc at ETH Zurich and Ecol

    Hello everyone! I was recently accepted into the High energy physics MSc at ETH Zurich (minor miracle...), doing the second year at Ecole Poly. This is after coming out of a BSc majoring in physics and maths, at a less prestigious uni which probably hasn't covered material to the same extent as...
  47. F

    I Fission of 238U with high energy neutrons & other questions

    Hi, I have a question related to 238U. I know of course that it can fission with neutrons above 1 MeV, but there is a elevated risk it would absorb the neutron and produce 239Pu instead. Let's assume you have a ram of metallic 238U, with perhaps 0,7% 235U, and that you collide it very very...
  48. C

    Relation between operator and experimental action

    Hi I have some questions about operator and experimental action 1, For each experimental action(no matter how trivial or complex), can they ALWAYS be described by some corresponded operator? how to proof? For example, adding some energy to excit a particle can be described in operator language...
  49. I

    A Software for symbolic calculations in high energy physics

    I interest the software, which understands gamma and sigma matrices, that the convolution can go over Lorentz indexs, and over group indexs, which understands what is covariant differentiation, trace. I tried to use maple, but work goes with difficulty. Although I write convolution over...
  50. ohwilleke

    I Are There Engineering Applications Of High Energy Physics?

    Beyond designing and operating particle accelerators are there any engineering applications of high energy particle physics* now or in the foreseeable future (e.g. next 20-40 years)? * i.e. the kind of interactions we are studying at LHC and Tevatron and in lattice QCD, as opposed to the kinds...