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    B Which one is more efficient in generating high energy Gamma rays?

    According to the big pulsed power accelerator, HERMES III, generate electron beam with peak energy at 22 MeV and average electron energy at 16 MeV and the resulting photon energy which is bremsstrahlung radiation is approximately 2 MeV...
  2. W

    I Detection of Neutral Currents

    In decay processes where no mixing between quark families is present, the mediator of the weak force is the neutral ##Z^0## boson. If that is the case, how is it experimentally possible to detect neutral currents in processes such as: $$\bar{\nu}_\mu + e \rightarrow \bar{\nu}_\mu + e$$ What...
  3. mjda

    I The Confinement Radius of a Cosmic Ray (Galactic vs. Extra-galactic)

    If we want to show whether or not a specific Cosmic Ray particle is confined to our galaxy we must use the Larmor radius (relativistic version), r = γmc / qB Considering a 10^14 eV proton and assuming the galactic magnetic field strength is 10^−11 T, show that the particle is confined to the...
  4. Q

    I How do we justify "Natural" Units

    How is it that when using "natural" units we drop the units themselves. I understand that you can arbitrarily change the magnitude of a parameter by choosing a new unit. For example Oliver R. Smoot is exactly 1 smoot tall. However, in natural units with [c]=[h/(2π)]=1 the "smoot" part is...
  5. A

    High Energy Recommended books in HEP, QFT, QM, GR

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to make a list of recommended books (introductory and advanced). So far, what I was able to search are the following: Particle Physics: - Griffiths: Introduction to Elementary Particles - Thomson: Modern Particle Physics - Nachtmann: Elementary Particle Physics -...
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    Other Physics lab coordinator?

    Background: Physics and Math major, turning Sophomore from next semester. I worked for a professor during the summer (for free) in high energy Physics trying to plot the signals from a function generator to a computer using a microcontroller. He was really impressed with my work (basically, he...
  7. Riotto

    A What are singular and double seesaw?

    I have just started reading about neutrino physics and recently came across two terms called double seesaw and singular seesaw. Although I’m familiar with other seesaw mechanisms (such as type-I and II) for explaining smallness of neutrino mass. I’m completely at dark about double and singular...
  8. Eslam100

    Other What are the topics in theoretical and mathematical physics?

    I'm a rising physics sophomore at a Japanese university. I've studied general physics, linear algebra, and analysis (actually, calculus of single and several variables with emphasis on analysis, everything was proven and the theoretical background was well explained) Other than that, I've...
  9. V

    A Building a synchrotron light source

    Lately, I've wanted to build a compact source of synchrotron radiation that is accessible to researchers with size and budget constraints. So far, I've managed to outline designs of the superconducting dipole magnets that will be used to keep electrons moving in a ring path within the booster...
  10. A

    Schools What is the best for an experimental particle physicist?

    I'm interested to become an experimental physicist particularly in particle physics. I have the chance to pursue a double degree. what is the best choice that will help me more in my future career.- a double degree in physics and computer science or a double degree in physics and material...
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    A Software for symbolic calculations in high energy physics

    I interest the software, which understands gamma and sigma matrices, that the convolution can go over Lorentz indexs, and over group indexs, which understands what is covariant differentiation, trace. I tried to use maple, but work goes with difficulty. Although I write convolution over...
  12. ohwilleke

    I Are There Engineering Applications Of High Energy Physics?

    Beyond designing and operating particle accelerators are there any engineering applications of high energy particle physics* now or in the foreseeable future (e.g. next 20-40 years)? * i.e. the kind of interactions we are studying at LHC and Tevatron and in lattice QCD, as opposed to the kinds...
  13. B

    A Notation/Site for Representations of an Algebra

    I'm currently reading the paper "Higher Spin extension of cosmological spacetimes in 3d: asymptotically flat behaviour with chemical potentials in thermodynamics" I'm looking at equation (3) on page 4. I know that symmetrization brackets work like this A_(a b) = (A_ab + A_ba)/2. However I have...
  14. qqbar

    Peskin and Schroeder eq. 18.84

    Homework Statement So I am self-studying the book of Peskin&Schroeder, and there is something I don't understand on page 616. In eq. 18.80, there is a numerical factor of ½ and going from e2 to α will introduce a factor 4π when proceeding to eq. 18.84. But then there should be a numerical...
  15. P

    Programs How do I decide which sub-field of Physics I want to pursue?

    I'm a freshman at UT Arlington and I will get my undergraduate degree in Physics from that university. Now, I am sure that I want to pursue Physics, but not quite sure of the sub-field. I lean towards Astronomy a lot, and I will probably end up doing that. The problem is that my university...
  16. Itrio39

    High energy Physics?

    Hello! I'm in my 3rd year of my bachelor degree in physics engineering and I'm thinking about taking a master degree in High energy Physics somewhere preferably in europe, could you recommend me some universities with a good program? Thank you
  17. Christian Grey

    Which theory or field can explain this?

    Suppose I am in a room and light(photons) from the light bulb reach my eyes, or I am outside light(photons) from the sun reach my eyes and I am able to see the objects around me. I want to know what factors affect the path of photons like temperature, gravity etc.I mean by knowing these factors...
  18. KylieVegas

    Programs Masters in physics without a different bachelors degree?

    Hello I am an incoming Biology student (college), i really wanted to take applied physics as my course but my parents told me that it is better to be a doctor, anyways, it's summer here and I started taking Calculus 1 in (i have NO backgroud in calculus because we don't have...
  19. D

    PhD in Germany or USA

    I am a final year Masters student studying physics at IIT Roorkee, India. I have PhD admits in experimental high energy physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany and University of Illinois Chicago, USA. I have previously done an internship as an undergrad with a professor at...
  20. K

    Upper Limit of EM-Field Strength

    Hello! Which are the highest theoretically possible electric and magnetic vacuum field strengths E and H? How are they calculated?
  21. Phoenix Baldez

    Nuclear Engineer Looking into High Energy Physics Detectors

    So I am a senior nuclear engineer with a good GPA and I've actually taken some extra math (PDEs) and physics (nuclear physics and astrophysics) courses over the years. I am extremely interested in detection in general. I have worked at a national lab designing and building neutron detectors and...