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Programs Math PhD shorter than physics PhD?

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    Conjecture: Math PhD is generally(with appropriate definition of generally) shorter in duration than physics PhD. (PhD programmes in US is under consideration and universities in question are say top 10)

    Anyone with proof?

    I have an impression that math PhD is normally ~4 years
    whereas physics PhD is normally ~5 to 7 years

    dunno if it's correct though
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    In 1995, the median time to degree for math was 8 years, according to the NRC (and other sources)


    I believe it's lower now.

    Last I checked, the median time to degree in physics was a little over 6 years (this is more recent data, I think - look up the AIP site).
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    In NZ a PhD in Physics takes ~8 years, hope that helps
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    we dont keep anyone 8 years who hasn't finished at my PhD math program. I think 5 or 6 is considered slow in math. In the olkd days I heard princeton only allowed 2 years, maybe three. Utah put me on notice after 2 years that I only had one more year to finish my math PhD (but i entered with a masters).
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    Im talking from first year undergrad to ending PhD :redface:

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    for me maybe, lets see,.......ummmm, 17 years?
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    first year to Phd? all at the same school?!?? how do you judge that?
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