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Math, physics, astrophysics school questions.

  1. Jun 23, 2008 #1
    okay, im only in community college right now. trying to save some money before i go off to a four-year school than grad school. im almost dead certain of majoring in astrophysics or astronomy. just like anything else, its bound to change but still in one of the other fields of physics. as for the major part. what is a good school for astrophysics/astronomy? im looking at(event hough i doubt i can even get into half of these): Boston U, UDel, UVa and perhaps ill send out an app to UCLA. their transfer requirements are rough, especially since im not transferring from a california community college. but, if there are any other school with a semi-decent -> good program supporting those two majors, let me know! just make sure its not next to impossible to get into (like berkeley, with a 24% acceptance rate) and will shed some mercy on kids that messed up high school, took two years off to work and is now trying to make it all up with a year to two years of community college.

    as for math.

    highest level of math ive heard about so far are like, 200 level courses. courses in particular are calculus 3, differential equations and linear and abstract algebra. what comes next? is it just review and using all of this with applications or is there more madness ahead?

    thats all i got for now. any info is greatly appreciated! :)
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  3. Jun 23, 2008 #2
    I'll throw in U. of Michigan, U. of Arizona, U. of Texas (Austin) and Ohio State University. They all have good astro graduate programs and access to telescope time. That means as an undergrad you can get jobs working on real, good research with well-known professors (which is vital; all these guys know each other. The way you really get into grad school is to have your undergrad professor call up his friend at wherever you're applying, and describe how much of an uber-student you are). If you're going to go to grad school, you could then put together a pretty good application for schools like Harvard, Berkeley, CalTech, etc.

    I think that OSU in particular would be a great choice.
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