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Math teacher uses violent gruesome imagery in word problems

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    not sure that this was the right move in a 3rd-grade class... :uhh:

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    how about you develop problems revolving around what kids are interested in! Like fantasy, science fiction or sports problems. It doesn't seem that hard. "Taylor Swift has three magic unicorn rings. Justin Bieber borrows one. How many rings does Taylor Swift now have". "Eli Manning threw for 400 yards one game. The next he threw for 243 yard. How many yard does Eli have?". "Johan the Archmage of Davendorf needs to travel to the city of Madrid for fire magic training. What country does he need to go to?"

    This is why primary education can be so boring. No 8 year old cares about how many apples or oranges Susie has or what time Johnny will arrive on the train etc"
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    I keep wondering if my ears are decieving me. In that clip did I hear the phrase:

    "The teacher is a minister"
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    I'm interested in the dismissed suggestion that the teacher didn't want to use these problems, but was told she had to. They came from a website created by a guy who was, apparently, mockingly over-reacting to complaints math problems were boring. The administrator who fired the teacher said something weasley like "Even if someone told you to give out these problems, you should be able to look at them and figure out it would be wrong."

    They didn't say who might have ordered the teacher to use stuff from this site, but, if that's what happened I think that's the person who should have been taken to task for it, not the teacher who didn't want to do it but was told she had to.
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    Odd that she would be the only teacher told to do so, eh? Why wouldn't she bring this up as inappropriate?
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    We gotta remember the source of our information. Sadly, no one can argue that almost every major news network in at least some way embellish stories for ratings. Wether this is the case here, I don't think we have enough info to make a call yet. The questions were indeed in bad taste for 8 year olds. But this gives us a chance to see how accurate the news networks are trying to be. If 8 is the minimum age of the student sand a majority of them are lets say 9 or 10 then it would be a hint that the story is being doctored slightly. Not much of a diffence in age, and it wold still be in bad taste for a 10 year old. But could shed light on the system as a whole.

    I would also like to point out that the assignment was sent home as homework, and the teacher had to know the parents would read it. This points to that either A. She didn't feel it was that inapropriate. B. She did think it was inappropriate, but because she was told to do so thought she was free from blame. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I th.ink the latter wold require her to also not feel it was that terribly inappropriate.

    The comment about it not mattering if the teacher was directed to send the homework home is a little off setting as well.

    I have a biased opinion on news media. I have a coworker who had a terrible experience last year. He moved from another city in my state arizona, to Phoenix in Maricopa County. Home of the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is a homosexual. He moved with another friend into a house with 4 others. When he moved in, he payed part of his rent with a desktop computer. 4 months go by without problems and then suddenly one morning FBI raids the house and arrests my friend on charges of distrobution of child pornography. The news went crazy. The headlines read "kiddie porn kingpin arrested". Complete with crappy mug shot, and fullname, dob, address etc. Appently they had proof that he was the largest distributer of child porn in country. What really happened is someone downloaded teen porn videos from limewire and because of the nature of p2p networks; the porn was then redistributed from his and everyone else who downloaded it's computer. So no one was purposely selling or distributing child porn like the news made it seem.

    Now my friends roommate ends up being a convicted child molester. Then My friend provides proof that the computer was not being used by him (he had a laptop that he used himself. Never touched the desktop after he moved in). The roommate ends up with the charges but there was no mention of this on any popular news network. So now my friends reputation is destroyed, and because he was homosexual his family didn't believe him. Now that he has cleared himself, he still hasn't repaired things with his family. So because of all this, I don't trust corporate news.

    Besides all that, we haven't heard what the teacher has to say directly. We don't know if she is honestly loony, or just a victim of bureaucracy. If anyone has another link, post it up puhlease
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