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Math undergrad research experience

  1. Jun 1, 2007 #1
    So for undergrads in the natural sciences, there exists a multitude of programs and internships and whatnot for research experience--but are there equivalent programs specifically for undergrads studying pure or applied math? What are they like and where can I find out about them? How important is such experience when applying for a grad program for math, and how might research experience in other disciplines be considered?
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    If your studying math I don't think lack of undergraduate research is going to hurt your application too much. I never did undergrad research and got into several graduate programs. I'd just focus on learning as much as possible if you plan to study math at the graduate level.

    As for how to get involved in undergrad research, I think talking with your math advisor is a good first step.
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    There are NSF funded REU summer research programs in math for undergraduates, as there are for the other natural sciences. You can find a full listing of programs on this page.
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    Thanks, that's precisely what I was looking for.
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