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Mathematica - automatically change function name in for loop

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    Hi folks,

    i just want to call different functions which are solutions of set of rate equations from s= NDSolve in a loop to calculate something.

    For[k = 0, k < 27, k++,

    x[k] = N#[time] /. s;


    # is just an arbitrary sign. i just want to replace # with k so i call


    how do i do that ?
    i use mathematica 7

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    ToExpression[StringJoin["N", ToString[k]]][time] /. s

    might work
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    Are you are trying to fill a table with 27 results. If so then perhaps something like this.

    x[[k]]=ToExpression[StringJoin["N", ToString[k]]][time] /. s;

    which gives


    Are you are trying to define 27 "functions" x[0], x[1],...x[26] then something like this.


    which gives

    x[0] = N0[1],
    x[1] = N1[1],
    x[26] = N26[1]
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    Do you even need a loop? can't it be done with table and map?
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    thanks. that was exactly what i was looking for. it works
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