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Use DO loop in Plot order at mathematica 8

  1. Oct 19, 2013 #1
    Can anyone help me to in this problem?
    I want to use DO loop in Plot order at mathematica 8, how can I do this?
    I want to change one variables and see the changes in other variables in the graph, and want to plot all of my graph in one Plot order. Like this.

    I Uploaded my file too.

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    This does not use a Do loop.

    Look up Plot in the help system and see that

    Plot[{f1,f2,f3} will plot f1 and f2 and f3 on the same graph.

    Then realize you can make {f1,f2,f3} using Table[].

    Plot[Table[Sqrt[r^2 - x^2], {r, 1, 4}], {x, 0, 4}, AspectRatio -> Automatic]

    Or do this the hard and error prone way with a Do loop

    r = 4;
    plotlist = {};
    AppendTo[plotlist, Plot[Sqrt[r^2 - x^2], {x, 0, 4}]];
    r = r - 1
    , {4}];
    Show[plotlist, AspectRatio -> Automatic]
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