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Mathematica calling module from NDSolve

  1. Jul 9, 2013 #1

    I want to use a module to repeatedly calculate a parameter in NDSolve, but I seem to be having trouble. Here is a simplified version of what I'm doing. In this example, I want to use the difference between v1 and v2 at a given timepoint to calculate the connection between v1 and v2 for the next timepoint.

    I am getting the error "NDSolve::ndnum: Encountered non-numerical value for a derivative at s == 0.`." but as far as I can see, everything is defined in the module. If I replace Tau with a constant, I get no errors, which leads me to think it must be something to do with the way I am sampling the value of v1 and v2 from the main NDSolve loop?

    Thanks for your help


    connection[vdiff_, t_] :=
    Module[{deltav = vdiff, Tau, con},

    Tau = 120 + 7434.49/(1 + 0.00262985 (deltav[[1]])^2);

    con = NDSolve[{g' == (1/Tau)*(3 - g), g[0] == 1},
    g, {s, 0, T}];

    g[t] /. con]

    A = 3;
    \[Epsilon] = 0.2;
    \[Alpha] = 3;
    \[Gamma] = 0.05;
    v0 = 0.4;
    w0 = 0.4;
    T = 25;

    initial =
    Solve[wi == A*vi*(vi - \[Alpha])*(1 - vi) - w0 &&
    wi == (vi - v0)/\[Gamma], {vi, wi}, Reals];

    fitz = NDSolve[{v1'[
    t] == ((A*v1[t]*(v1[t] - \[Alpha])*(1 - v1[t]) - w1[t] -
    + (connection[v1[t] - v2[t], t]*(v2[t] - v1[t])),

    v2'[t] == ((A*v2[t]*(v2[t] - \[Alpha])*(1 - v2[t]) - w2[t] -
    + (connection[v2[t] - v1[t], t]*(v1[t] - v2[t])),

    w1'[t] == v1[t] - \[Gamma]*w1[t] - v0,

    w2'[t] == v2[t] - \[Gamma]*w2[t] - v0,

    v1[0] == kick + vi /. initial,
    v2[0] == vi /. initial,
    w1[0] == wi /. initial,
    w2[0] == wi /. initial},

    {v1, v2, w1, w2}, {t, 0, T}];
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  3. Jul 9, 2013 #2
    NDSolve expects everything, except the function you are solving for and the independent variable, to have been assigned a fixed numeric value.

    When I insert
    Print["Tau=", Tau];
    just after your initialization of Tau in your connection[] module it prints
    Tau=120+7434.49/(1+0.00262985 v1[t]^2)
    and then your NDSolve is going to fail.

    That is why your connection[] NDSolve is throwing an error and then your replacement is throwing an error and then your outer NDSolve is throwing an error.

    See if you can find a way to pass your connection constant Real values and see what happens.
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