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Mathematica - Lines in 3D figure

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    How do I make a line from a point to another point in Mathmatica, a 3D image?

    Also, if you got any tips on how to do this:
    I have a 3D pyramid and a plane("a window"). Behind the plane there is a point "An eye looking at the pyramid". I need a line from every corner of the pyramid, to go to this point behind the plane, and explain where in the plane the the lines will hit.

    Any tips will be of help!

    PS: Sorry for my bad English
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    Hi chrismeister, welcome to PF

    There is a graphic primitive "Line", which accepts two points as arguments. Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific right now (my computer with Mathematica is down), but look up the help topic on "Line" and it should get you started.
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