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Mathematica: Recursive expression

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    I am trying to find a smart way to write the following fraction,

    F = \frac{a_1}{1+\frac{a_2}{1+\frac{a_3}{1+a_4}}}

    Here we can just take [itex]a_n= n[/itex] for simplicity. My fraction is in principle infinite, but I am trying to construct a function which can find [itex]F[/itex] for a given [itex]n[/itex] recursively. I haven't had much success. So far I have

    which is the last term for a given [itex]n[/itex]. For do I propagate all the way up to [itex]a_1[/itex] then?
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    Code (Text):

    f[1] = Subscript[a, 1];

    f[n_] := (f[n - 1]) /.Subscript[a, n - 1] :> Subscript[a, n - 1]/(1 + Subscript[a, n])

    Does that work?
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