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[Mathematica] Saving definitions

  1. Jul 14, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to save (into a file) definitions of some variables which are of the form Subscript[A,1], Subscript[A,2],.... where the subscript is used as an index for the variable. When using the Save command I obtain the error

    Code (Text):
    Save::sym: Argument A1 at position 2 is expected to be a symbol.
    How can I get around this?
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    By default, a definition is stored under the symbol name of the Head of the LHS.
    The following help make it clear:

    In[1]:= Subscript[x, 1]=2;
    In[2]:= Subscript[x, 2]:=Subscript[x, 1]+2

    In[3]:= Save[NotebookDirectory[]<>"subdefns.dat",Subscript[x, 1]]
    During evaluation of In[16]:= Save::sym: Argument Subscript[x, 1] at position 2 is expected to be a symbol. >>
    Out[3]= Save[/home/simon/Desktop/subdefns.dat,Subscript[x, 1]]

    In[4]:= Save[NotebookDirectory[]<>"subdefns.dat",Subscript]

    In[5]:= {DownValues[x],DownValues[Subscript]}
    Out[5]= {{},{HoldPattern[Subscript[x, 1]]:>2,HoldPattern[Subscript[x, 2]]:>Subscript[x, 1]+2}}

    In[6]:= FilePrint[NotebookDirectory[]<>"subdefns.dat"]
    Attributes[Subscript] = {NHoldRest}

    Subscript[x, 1] = 2

    Subscript[x, 2] := Subscript[x, 1] + 2

    If you want to have the definition associated with the symbol x, you could try

    In[7]:= x/:Subscript[x, 3]=5
    Out[7]= 5

    In[8]:= {DownValues[x],UpValues[x]}
    Out[8]= {{},{HoldPattern[Subscript[x, 3]]:>5}}
  4. Jul 15, 2010 #3
    Thank you very much Simon, it solved the problem!
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