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Calculus Mathematically rigorous Calculus 2 book

  1. Jul 9, 2017 #1
    So, i am currently studying physics in a brazilian university. I am going to have a Calculus 2 course which, in Brazil, covers Ordinary Differential Equations and multi-variable differential calculus. So which challenging and rigourous books would you guys recommend for that? Thanks for the attention!
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    If you know which text book they will be using, it would be good to look at that first. Other than that, for self study, I have always been a fan of the Schaum's Outline series of books. They are fairly inexpensive and have a lot of worked examples and exercises.
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    I would not call it rigorous by Mathematics standards, but Mardsen and Tromba: Vector Calculus fits the bill. It has a lot more substance than your typical intro Multi. Calculus book.
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    Check out the second volume of Apostol's Calculus.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I will check on all of them.
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    Rigorous multi variable calc would be on the level of Spivak Calculus on Manifolds or Munkres Analysis on Manifolds. Are you sure you want rigour for a first course?
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