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Mathematics Equivalent to Landau & Lifshitz

  1. Jan 26, 2013 #1
    Can one tell me about the Mathematical Equivalent to Landau & Lifgarbagez. or any other set that deal with all Graduate Level Mathematics.

    There is a Series by Springer, Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics but they contains too many books. It would be great if they contain Max. 20 books. If any series exist then give me Link to Amazon.

    If one Already completed his Graduate Studies in Mathematics (having main focus on Calculus & Analysis) then they also give List of all book they used.(the complete set)
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    You always have Lang's books. He has books on about everything of mathematics.

    You might also check out Stein and Shakarchi's series. But that's on analysis only.
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    Although, correct me if I'm wrong, lang is missing a proper book on set theory so if you want to complete your math education make sure to get a separate set theory text that deals with ZFC and the brilliance of Cantor in all its glory.
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    Although, to be fair, it's not as if L&L is complete either.
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    How about this series,(topic-wise)
    1.Algebra: All books by Serge Lang.
    2.Calculus: All books by Spivak.
    3.Analysis: All books by Stein and Shakarchi.

    If any topics in Graduate course not in that then I go to Library. I want to do Mathematics just for Physics.
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    If you want to mathematics just for physics, then you really don't need to read those books. Those books are pure mathematics and don't really care for physics very much.

    Just get some methods book and work through that. On the other hand, if you're into very theoretical physics or mathematical physics, then pure math books are useful. But only do it if it interests you.
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    thank you micromass, I mean after completing my Undergradute, I go Physics Graduate Course but not taking Maths its just be a side subject (which I prepare through self-study)
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    If you want math for theoretical physics, then you should study differential topology and modern differential geometry.

    If you want to get into stuff like modern field theories etc., then fiber bundles, geometric topology, algebraic topology and quantum algebra should also be interesting.
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    Smirnov, a course of higher mathematics
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