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Math Mathematics with engineering electives

  1. Feb 16, 2012 #1
    I am a student who is interested in both mathematics and engineering. I want to pursue a degree in mathematics, but because of its relatively small job prospects, I wish to take some engineering electives.
    However, I have a strong feeling that, unlike actuarial positions, engineering positions almost always require a specific degree in engineering (or a license or something). So I was wondering if taking engineering electives, but specialize in a particular concentration (e.g. only taking Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics courses as opposed to taking all mechnical engineering core courses), will enhance the chance of getting a job at a company that specilize in Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics. Or do most Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics companys expect you to know broad knowledge in mechanical engineering?
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    I would first check with the universities you are considering. Pretty much all courses have prerequisites, so you might not be able to take Heat Transfer without taking 1st year mechanics for example.

    Secondly, you will be competing against mechanical engineering majors who have taken many more applied classes, and have most likely partaken in engineering projects in school.
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    I have checked prerequisites and it turns out to be there is only one engineering calculus course is required of which most of its materials are presumably covered by taking calculus for math majors.

    Well, I thought demands for engineering excels supply, but since you have said that I will be "competing" against engineering majors, it is the other way around, isn't it?

    Has anyone done a double degree in mathematics and engineering and is willing to share your experience?
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    p.s. If I go to a graduate school in engineering, would I have better job prospect? or is the P.Eng designation must be attained during my undergraduate years?
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    Hey wamozart and welcome to the forums.

    Just to sure I would double check if you can actually do engineering courses if you are not enrolled in an engineering degree.

    At my university they don't let you do this really, but if they do it at your university then that is great.

    The thing is that at least here an engineering degree is pretty strict and all of the courses in engineering will always (at least after second year) be based solely on passing previous engineering specific units.
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