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Matlab basic - how to get around floating point?

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    i'm trying to learn matlab and as such i stumbled here while looking something up


    so the questions is

    how does someone avoid something like

    e = 1 - 3*(4/3 - 1) (this is example 1 in the webpage above)

    not being zero

    or this not being zero

    sin(pi) (this is in example 1 again)

    or this being zero
    sqrt(1e-16 + 1) - 1 (in example 2)

    thank you very much!
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    Matlab is a numerical solver. If having a result like 1e-16 is not close enough to zero for you, you can increase the numerical accuracy that Matlab provides, at the cost of slowing computations down. If you really want exactly zero, use a symbolic calculation code like Mathematica or Maple. They do algebraic manipulations and evaluations the way you would do them in school.
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    This is a common problem. Just don't program any logic decisions based on equality of two real numbers. Always allow some tolerance when comparing two reals and apply the tolerance so that the safe decision will be made if the reals are within the tolerance.
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