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MATLAB - Calculate distance/perimeter of an object in 2D image

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    Hi, I want to find out how thick/big/fat is the object in the image.

    For example, there is a tree in the image(photograph), I want to use matlab to calculate how big the tree trunk is.
    Problem: Find out the perimeter of trunk as shown in the first picture (named "perimeter.PNG". attached here.

    1) Can I use 3D calculation with front view and side view images only(Only use 1 camera)?
    2) Or find out the length of trunk from front view ( second image, named "length.PNG") and combine with other algorithm?
    3) If the methods I suggested above are not possible, any possible solutions?

    p/s: will use matlab, if matlab can't do these,any suggestion on software?

    Will very appreciate on your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance!:smile:

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    Without some known reference length, I don't see how this can be done. You might as well ask MATLAB to guess your height and weight.
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    How if height is given or another object in the image with known size?? Any solution? Thanks
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