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How to capture live video/image using Matlab without Image acq toolbox

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    Does anybody know how i can capture images from my USB camera directly into Matlab? I'd appreciate suggestions for indirect methods too. I don't have the advantage of the Image Acquisition Toolbox in Matlab, making my task slightly more difficult.

    Suggestions that I've had include using the Graphedit software to capture and save the images and use Matlab to read images. This is going to be offline though.

    Another suggestion is to use C in Matlab and use standard libraries to read the image data through that - this could include processing the images too.

    Is there any other method I could use since it seems like a standard task to do?

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    http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/loadAuthor.do?objectType=author&objectId=1093610" [Broken]

    Ok... got it myself.

    For future reference, follow the above link and click on any of the author's contributions - VCAPG2 or its extension for Simulink. Very simple, runs directly without any mess.

    For starters, use the last sample code he suggests - to get a bunch of frames for real-time viewing.

    Another popular one on the Matlab central exchange is:

    Couldn't get it to work just as easily though.

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