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Matlab code for transient 2 D thermal problem

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    i want matlab coding for transient 2D Thermal problem
    pls help
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    We don't do the work for you. What have you done? Do you know what equation and boundary conditions to solve for?

    You need to show some work before you get help.
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    hi thanks for ur reply
    here i am attaching the boundary conditions
    and governing equations...
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    I moved this to programming.

    You did not ask for help in the physics so it does not belong in physics.
    you did not ask for help with the math, so it does not belong in math.
    you asked for code. that is programming.

    I think you need math help and are asking the wrong place. go have a chat with your prof. We do not do homework for you, we help. Asking for code is not what we provide.
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