MatLab data acquisition using soundcard

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Has anyone ever tried acquiring an image using the microphone input on the soundcard? I take it you have 2 analog channels (left, right), 44.1 kSamples/second bandwidth, 16 bit, with frequency range of 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz. Is there a way to acquire an image from a 640x480 pinhole camera (or 320x240) via the mic input using composite cable
I know it is possible to solder up a photocell to a mic jack and use it in your microphone input (assuming the input voltage of the photo cell is not>>the rated voltage your sound card is designed to handle, so you don't blow up your card). Then you can record the data in some oscilloscope program and export it to a text file; then process that data in MATLAB.

As for processing *video* as an input; I have no experience in the matter, sorry.

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