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Need help W/ Digital Camera Design Project

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    I am currently working on a Design Project for my Senior project, and the aim of this project is the development and construction of an interface between a CMOS camera and a computer. This interface allows a user to get images from the camera, to change some of the properties of the camera as brightness, luminance, etc from a computer. The interface was implemented using the Atmel AVR ATmega16 microcontroller.

    The Camera called c3088 uses a CMOS image sensor OV6620 from Omnivision . It has a digital video port that supplies a continuous 8/16 bit image data stream. All the camera functions, such as exposure, gamma, gain, white balance, windowing, can be changed through I2C interface by writing in some registers.

    The communication from the microcontroller to the camera to change the properties of the camera is made using the I2C. The images from the camera are read following the Zoom Video Port Format implemented by the camera. The images read are in black and white because only the Y channel is read. To control all this communications the microcontroller is connected to the computer via serial port. The microcontroller read commands from the computer and perform the appropriate actions. The serial port is also used to receive the images in BMP format.

    What I did so far was connected the circuits (see attached), and I programmed the AVR ATmega16 with a series of codes in C language. And I did this by using a JTAG Ice and AVR STudio 4.0

    My predicament is that after I programmed the microcontroller, I don't know how to get the camera to start taking pictures because nothing pops up. I figured that I'm suppose to use another program such as Hyperterminal (serial port) and RealTerm...but I don't know how to use it. Also, I have not yet input a CLOCK into the Camera which is connected to the clock of the microcontroller, but there has to be some program that can get the camera to detect, work, and start taking pictures.

    Anyways, if anyone could give me some help, I would greatly appreciate it. Attached is my circuit diagram.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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    Usually the first step in such a hookup is to get simple reads and writes working over the I2C connection. Can your uC read a status register or something from the camera? You could have it do that and send the data up the serial port to the PC (Hyperterminal is simple to learn).
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