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Matlab Index of max value

  1. Apr 14, 2010 #1
    In matlab I have a function which calculates P04 for different values of i,j, and k providing a 8x89x89 matrix of values. I am trying to find the max P04 for each value of i and the corresponding j and k values.

    Here are my for loops:

    for i = 1:1:8;
    M1(i) = 2+0.1*i;
    for j = 1:1:89;
    betaA(j) = j*pi/180;

    for k = 1:1:89;
    betaB(k) = k*pi/180;

    [P04(i,j,k)] = Mach3(M1(i),betaA(j), betaB(k),P01);


    [c(i),I] = max(P04(i,j,k));


    I tried:

    [c(i),I] = max(P04(i,j,k)); (as above)


    [val(i),ind]= max(P04(i,j,k));

    both gave me a max value of zero and did not give me the indices.

    Thanks for any help!
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