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Implementation of Fresnel Diffraction in MatLab

  1. May 22, 2015 #1
    I'm trying to simulate the Fresnel Diffraction in MatLab using the Fast Fourier Transform syntax. But I'm not getting really good diffraction patterns. Here is the code:

    %% Fourier Transform for G(p, q)
    g = layer.*exp(((1i*pi)/(lambda*z))*(r_obj));
    G = fftshift(fft2(g));

    %% Fourier Transform for H(p, q)
    h = (exp(1i*k*z)/(1i*lambda*z))*exp(((1i*k)/(2*z))*(r_img));
    H = fftshift(fft2(h));

    U = fftshift(ifft2(H.*G));

    And these are the value for r_obj and r_img:
    r_obj = ones(size(layer));
    r_img = ones(size(layer));
    for j = 1: obj_size(2);
    for i = 1: obj_size(1);
    r_obj(i, j) = x_prime(i)^2 + y_prime(j)^2;
    r_img(i, j) = x(i)^2 + y(j)^2;

    I don't know what's wrong with my code (or with my equations).
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    I recommend posting a code snippet that can run. The first thing I tried to do was run the code you posted, and then I realized none of the variables are defined. I'm sure you have them defined in your script, so just post them here as well so that the code can be copy/pasted to run.
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