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    I'm having trouble working my way through a MATLAB problem. How can I solve a matrix equation for four different variables?

    Here is my input: (I know all variables except I1 through I4)

    V = [(R1*I1 -j*(1/(omega*C1))*(I1-I2) +j*omega*L2*(I1-I3)-E1);
    (-j*(1/(omega*C1))*(I2-I1) +j*omega*L1*I2 -j*(1/(omega*C2))*(I2-I4));
    (j*omega*L3*I3 +j*omega*L2*(I3-I1) -j*(1/(omega*C3))*(I3-I4));
    (-j*(1/(omega*C3))*(I4-I3) -j*(1/(omega*C2))*(I4-I2) +R2*I4 -E2)]

    So how do I compute my needed variables out? The answer is propably simple, but I'm a complete beginner with MATLAB, and I really need help with this!

    P.S. the integer j is the imaginary unit.
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    Well the obvious starting point is to put your set of linear equations in matrix form. Is that the part you're stuck on?
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    Try the symbolic toolbox "solve" function?

    Looks like you have 4 equations is V is a <4x1>, so you'll have four symbolic variables I1-I4.


    [type what your other values are for omega, etc.]
    syms I1 I2 I3 I4
    solve('V(1) - R1*I1 -j*(1/(omega*C1))*(I1-I2) +j*omega*L2*(I1-I3)-E1', ...)

    should tell you what I1-4 are, I think.
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