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[Matlab] Simulation of Stochastic Process

  1. May 28, 2015 #1
    Hi all,
    I have this dynamic:
    is a Mean Reverting process. I want to simulate the sde with matlab but I am a beginner and I have some problems. I show you the code that I have created:

    Code (Text):

    %% Simulazione prezzo Geometric Ornstein-Ulenbeck

    clear all

    mu = 0.5;
    sigma = 0.12;
    eta = 1;
    T = 2;
    N_t = 300; %Temporal Intervals
    N = 1000; %Number of Simulations
    t=linspace(0,T,N_t); %Temporal line

    dt=T/N_t; %Temporal increments
    P_t(:,1)=20; %First Price

    for i=1:N
        for j=2:N_t
            dW = randn;
            P_t(i,j) = P_t(i,j-1) + eta*(mu-log(P_t(i,j-1)))*P_t(i,j-1)*dt+sigma*P_t(i,j-1)*dW;

    But I don't know if it is correct. Can you help me?
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    The code seems to run fine and the plot looks reasonable. Is there some reason that you think it is wrong?
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    Because is my first work alone and I'm not sure of the cicle. Do you think it's ok?
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    It is not OK. The discretization of the Wiener increment is wrong. Here is the first link that I could find that explains how to do it correctly in Matlab:


    To summarize: [itex]dW \approx \sqrt(dt)N(0,1)[/itex], so you forgot to multiply your dW by the square root of dt.

    Also, the wikipedia entry for the first order scheme has some example code for exactly this problem:

    Note that this is a first order discretization, there are also higher order methods that you can find in the literature, e.g. in the book of Kloeden and Platen. I highly recommend this book if you want to numerically solve stochastic differential equations. The basic idea of these methods comes from Ito calculus and the idea of stochastic Taylor expansion.
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