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MATLAB: system of equations (HELP)

  1. Apr 22, 2010 #1
    Hi to all. I have to say at first that i have no idea on MATLAB at all. I want some help.
    I want to solve a system of equation for example

    Code (Text):

    (0.02315352 - 0.0576` Cos[\[Theta]] + 0.01152 Cos[\[Theta]]^3) Cos[\[Phi]] - 0.01152 Cos[\[Theta]] Cos[\[Phi]]^3 Sin[\[Theta]]^2 - 0.001919 Cos[\[Theta]] Sin[\[Phi]] =0

    -0.02315352 Sin[\[Phi]] - 0.01152 Cos[\[Theta]]^3 Sin[\[Phi]] + Cos[\[Theta]] (0.00191 Cos[\[Phi]] + 0.0576 Sin[\[Phi]] + 0.01152 Sin[\[Theta]]^2 Sin[\[Phi]]^3) =0

    Code (Text):

    0 <= \[Phi] <= 2 \[Pi]  
     0 <= \[Theta] <= \[Pi]
    How the MATLAB code could be written to solve this system numerically?
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