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MATLAB vector value location ID

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    HELP! MATLAB vector value location ID?

    In MATLAB, say I have two vectors of the same length -- because one is dependent on the other. In my case the independent vector is t, time, and the dependent is p, pressure.

    t = 0:500 with an arbitrary time step (finer than 0.2 seconds).

    I would like to know the easiest way to extract the value of p at t = 300.2. Any ideas?
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    Re: HELP! MATLAB vector value location ID?

    Well, the problem can be restated as follows: you know the value of p at 501 evenly spaced points in time and you want to use this to infer a value for p at some intermediate point. You solve problems like this using an interpolation of some type. Matlab has a range of commands with which you can generate interpolations; since your problem is one-dimensional you'll probably want to use the interp1 command. Type the following and see where Matlab leads you.

    Code (Text):
    doc interp1
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    I understand your response, shoehorn, though it is not exactly what I am looking for. Basically I'm looking for the simplest way to arrive at the result of:

    p = 1.1:0.1:10;
    t = 16:1.5:150;

    for i = 1:length(t)
    if t(i) == 53.5
    ival = i;

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    p = 1.1:0.1:10;
    t = 16:1.5:150;
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    AWESOME! Thanks.
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    What do you mean by corresponds to? Since 5 is the 5th element of t, putting p(t==5, 2) gives 9 since that is the 5th element of the 2nd column. What would you like the output to be?
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    Yea, I figured it out (which is why I removed my post). The example I had given above was different than what I was running on my machine. I discovered my "t" vector, for the simulation I was running on my computer, had machine epsilon in it. If I did p(t>5-eps & t<5+eps,2) it worked. Sorry for the confusion.
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