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Matter, Antimatter, and Micro Black holes

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    I have recently been reading Moment of Creation by James Trefil, and I have stumbled upon the question, where has all the antimatter gone? I asked myself, what if micro black holes produced by the tremendous energy at the big bang are the answer? If you have an understanding in hawking radiation then you know particle-antiparticle pairs are produced at balck holes. What if, by chance, antiparticles were absorbed by these micro black holes more than regular particles. It could explain why there is more matter than antimatter. Has this been dissproved by anyone? Is this a plausible theory?

    I also posted this in the cosmology section, but it seems that not many people wander there.
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    Why would a BH prefer to absorb antimatter.
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    It doesnt even have to prefer, it could happen by chance. Even though there would be a 50/50 chance either way, it could just happen by chance that antimatter was absorbed more by a BH.
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    A mechanism for this prefence would be necessary to lend it credibility. Black holes are equal opportunity gravity wells according to existing theory.
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