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How do micro black holes maintain their state?

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    All that I've read about black holes describe something so massive it's gravity overcomes all other forces and it causes a region of spacetime to develop that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from.

    That explanation since it depends on mass makes no sense in regard to theorized micro black holes created at the dawn of creation.

    I've never read anything explaining how they were created without the mass required to generate the gravity to create and maintain it.

    So what is the explanation for how they can exist or could have existed without starting out first with sufficient mass?
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    If you compress any mass/energy to it's Scwartzchild radius you get a black hole. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwarzschild_radius.

    Primordial, micro black holes might have formed during the time of extreme density during the universe's early expansion.

    Black holes emit Hawking radiation. Eventually a black hole can disappear via Hawking radiation. The life-span of a black hole is proportional to its mass.. Micro black holes would have very, very short lifespands.
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    Black holes are not dependent upon mass, but rather density. As cyclopia mentioned above, if you are able to collapse matter, in any amount, down to its Scwartzchild radius, you will obtain a black hole. Primordial black holes could only have formed when the temperature and pressure was sufficient enough to cause gravitational collapse. Which puts it no later than the Hadron Epoch (from 0.000001 seconds to 1 second after the Big Bang).
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    The density of the very early universe was quite high. Primordial black holes were hypothesized to form under such conditions. Modern gamma ray background measurement suggest primordial micro black holes are not as abundant as originally thought.
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