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Trend Micro Inc. (トレンドマイクロ株式会社, Torendo Maikuro Kabushiki-Gaisha) is an American-Japanese multinational cyber security software company with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and Irving, Texas, United States, with regional headquarters and R&D centers in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company develops enterprise security software for servers, containers, & cloud computing environments, networks, and end points. Its cloud and virtualization security products provide automated security for customers of VMware, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.Eva Chen, who is the founder, currently serves as Trend Micro's chief executive officer, a position she has held since 2005. She succeeded founding CEO Steve Chang, who now serves as chairman.

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  1. G

    Micro Spring (DNA): Determine Energies, Find Expected Length

    Hi It is about a DNA strand on which there are always two segments, the segment ##A##, which is folded and has the length ##l_A## and the unfolded segment ##B##, which has ##l_B+\lambda##. Here is a section of the DNA There is now, as shown in the picture, a force ##F## pulling on the...
  2. L

    I Micro Sound Waves: Can 1 Hear What Only Another Can?

    Are there soundwaves so tightly packed that you could have two people standing next to one another and fire sound at a distance directly into one person's ear as that only that person hears it?
  3. J

    I From Micro to Macro physics (Emergence)

    Let's say Mary has mastered every microscopic physics from quantum theory to particle physics. But she hasn't encountered iron or other macro objects. Can she predict using say a super computer at her disposal the properties of macroscopic objects? Let's say the super computer can assemble the...
  4. F

    Micro SD card - preloaded or not?

    Hello, I have a raspberry pi with a camera and would like to take some pictures with. Online, there are preloaded and not preloaded cards...What is the difference? Preloaded in what sense? For example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXR6EOA/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Not sure about the NOOBs either...
  5. T

    Fesability of a micro LoJack type device.

    Hi All, I would like to make a glove with a small transmitter antenna on the index finger. A small receiver similar to a LoJack device would track the finger. The device would need to be extremely accurate to follow small movement (1 mm?) of the transmitter. I’ve made a device that uses an IR...
  6. F

    Measuring the current from a micro generator affects its output?

    I am performing an experiment where I have built a scale model of a wind turbine, and am measuring the current it can produce with a micro generator. I am using a standard multi meter and the micro generator is DC. I do not know much about the topic, but whenever I start measuring the current...
  7. G

    B Micro Black Holes: The Possibility of Creating an Extra Dimension

    Would it be possible for an "extra" dimension to be created if a microscopic black hole was made and maintained until it sucked in a mass (a person) and was "turned on and off" infinitely quickly popping in and out of existence so that the gravity doesn't kill a human but the "extra dimension"...
  8. infinitebubble

    I Micro Black Holes and Dark Matter as fuel for spaceship?

    I've been reading several ideas postulated by some researchers using either Dark Matter and or a micro Black Hole as energy sources to power a future spacecraft . 1) using dark matter as fuel to power a spacecraft by taking dark matter into a cavity and shrinking it to critical point using...
  9. Kmol6

    Macro/ micro connections- pressure

    Homework Statement A 1.3m×1.3m×1.3m cube of nitrogen gas is at 20∘C and 1.5 atm. Estimate the number of molecules in the cube with a speed between 700 m/s and 1000 m/s. Homework Equations P= (1/3) (N/V) (Mv2rms)The Attempt at a Solution 20oc = 293 K 1.5 atm = 151950 Pa Solving for N N=...
  10. luckyscar

    IB Micro Economics, PED (price elasticity of demand) and Firms

    Homework Statement What is it: Practice Paper 1 b question for SL Economics IB Question: Discuss why it may be important for a firm to have a knowledge of price elasticity of demand. PS: It isn't stated explicitly to use a diagram, but my understanding is all Paper 1 questions need to be...
  11. S

    A A new conjecture on the micro states of black-holes

    Dear All Gravitinos, I write this post here to discuss a new conjecture on resolutions of the schwarzschild singularity and the physics interpretation for the micro states of black-holes (arxiv: 1606.06178, published in Nucl. Phys. B2017,02,005...
  12. T

    B Exploring a Micro Singularity in Euclidean Space Time

    What if the LHC produced a mini black hole and as a result a micro singularity was produced. If you were using Euclidean space time what equations and factors do you think would be most relevant?
  13. Cocoleia

    How to go from micro operations to a logic diagram

    Homework Statement I am preparing for my final and I am stuck on the following question Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution My best guess would be to make some kind of next state table, but I don't understand the relationship between xT1, yT2, yT3 and any kind of table.
  14. newjerseyrunner

    Can advanced species defend against kugelblitzes?

    I have a story where an extremely advanced species has figured out how to produce and control kugelblitzes to a high enough degree that they can calculate the distance to an enemy and produce and fire one to explode at the target. Would there be any possible defense against such a weapon? I...
  15. Y

    Male Micro SD to Male USB Cable?

    Does such a thing exist. I have a device that only has a slot to write data to a micro sd card. I have an external USB hard drive. Is it possible to hook up my external hard drive to the micro sd slot in my device? Like a male USB cable into the external hard drive that has a male micro sd...
  16. Keiran OConnor

    Micro organism brought back to life after 30 years

    http://gizmodo.com/frozen-tardigrade-brought-back-to-life-after-30-years-1753152359 Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post am only posting to get a few good responses if possible :). Is there any way we could extract the properties in the gnome of the tardigrade and genetically...
  17. 3

    I Quantized Energy in micro scales

    Say you had a crystal lattice box on a micro scale. You can push it with a bigger piston to accelerate it. Say it's lying on a friction-less surface (or this happens in minimal gravity and vacuum). My question is, would the possible kinetic energy that you can impart on this cube be quantized...
  18. Gjmdp

    Engineering What are the best books about Micro Spacecrafts?

    http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames/research/exploringtheuniverse/blackbox.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniaturized_satellite Michio Kaku "The Physics of the future" CubSats are not really Nano/Micro Spacecrafts: Im: What are the best books about the theme?
  19. T

    Microchannel Array etching in Stainless Steel Metal Search

    Hi All! Haven't been here for some time, the changes are looking good! Anyway, formalities aside, I am having serious problems sourcing and implementing a suitable stainless steel (Grade: 304; thickness: 0.3mm) substrate for my etching process. I'm currently working on developing a...
  20. J

    Can a micro black hole be created Past the horizon of a large black hole

    Can one create a black hole when already inside the black hole ?
  21. S

    Exploring SEM Imaging: Cost & Advancements in Raster Scanning

    Looking at Ben Krasnow's youtube video on breaking down the parts and general cost for a scanning electron microscope, he lists a raster scan generator, is that able to produce the highest resolution images still? Or is there another more modern technology for this purpose? Otherwise, how has...
  22. S

    Nano Fusion? Micro Fusion? Fusion Learning Source?

    When experimenting with fusion, why do we always go so big and make extremely expensive reactors that take years to create and even construct facilities for? I've seen some failed attempts at making fusion happen in carbon nanotubes, failing in the sense that the carbon nanotubes are just...
  23. thankz

    Off the top of your head can someone name a pic micro....

    off the top of your head can someone name a pic micro that has a adc, Ethernet and open tcp stack available for it. preferably in dip package, 40 pin is all my programmer can handle. I figure I should do something with my time so why not get started on my aquarium project.
  24. R

    Micro laser welding, the picture is a crack?

    Hi guys, My name is Rogelio H. Aguirre, a grad student from the University of Waterloo working on MEMS sensors. Currently, I am working with micro laser welding suppliers to fabricate the packaging of a pressure and a temperature sensor. I have some experience on weldings, but not in micro...
  25. J

    How do micro black holes maintain their state?

    All that I've read about black holes describe something so massive it's gravity overcomes all other forces and it causes a region of spacetime to develop that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from. That explanation since it depends on mass makes no sense in regard to...
  26. Blackberg

    Other Looking for rigorous and non-linear micro- and macroeconomics textbooks?

    I'm interested in standard curriculum textbooks on micro- and macroeconomics. No holding back on math rigour please, I get annoyed by the law of demand presented as a straight line.
  27. R

    Automotive As a mechanical project we have been asked to design a micro steam car

    [ mod note: moved from homework ] as a mechanical project we have been asked to design a micro steam car. we have chosen to use a wobbler engine for this. The aim of the project to see how far this car can travel based on a given amount of fuel. We are making a boiler which will provide the...
  28. Nitox33

    Micro black holes, millions / billions of years?

    Hello, Always looking for answers to my questions, I had some answers like what micro black holes possibly created at the LHC (if it does not evaporate) would put millions or billions of years to be dangerous? I would like to know why Sorry if I come to you Ps : sorry for the way I did not...
  29. EddieP

    Calculating magnetic field for a micro solenoid

    I am trying to calculate the magnetic field (in tesla/gauss) of an iron core electromagnet that is very small and has very few windings. For example 12 windings over 0.003 meters. I know this is not going to produce a very strong field, but I would like to pulse a strong current through the coil...
  30. mrspeedybob

    Looking for resources on micro and mesoscale meteorology

    My wife got me hang gliding lessons for Christmas, which I'm going to take this summer. In preparation I'd like to learn what I can about atmospheric behavior on scales of a few meters to a few kilometers. I've found small isolated sources with tidbits of information, but nothing with any real...
  31. B

    Automotive Dirt micro sprint car -- two different roll centers from front to rear?

    Hello everyone! New here to this forum! My question is...I race a 600 micro sprint here on the east coast. My car has a front and rear panhard bar. The frame mount for the rear is located on the outside of the right frame rail. The frame mount for the front is located on the inside of the...
  32. N

    Small LED Thermometer - Beginner Electronics

    Hi, I'm a freshman in college and a beginner in electronics. Does anyone know of a way to use a micro analog thermometer to change the color of a small LED light once it hits a certain temperature. I am looking to make this on an extremely small scale.
  33. B

    Micro hydro turbine calculations

    Hi! I'v been looking into this for way too long and have come to that point where nothing makes sense, hoping you guys could help me out! :smile: Basically i have been given a net head of 20m and need to provide a micro hydro turbine with 5kW of power for over one minute. What i want to...
  34. J

    Modelling an Micro Thermal Enrergy Harvestor in COMSOL

    Good Evening , i am post graduate student of Thermal Engineering.I have some experience to COMSOL software(but not expert atleast). So now i am doing a project on Modelling a Micro thermal energy harvestor. The problem goes something like this , there is strip made up of bimetal ( material of...
  35. O

    Confused about Math Conversion: Nano and Micro

    hello i need some help and am confuse about it now.. after calculating the math.. 1.67531519 x 10 power of negative 8.. if i change to nano it is 16nf? 1.515761363 x 10 power of negative 10, if i change to nano is 15nf? what about changing to miro? confuse with the 10 power of...
  36. dheeraj

    Difference between micro black hole and primordial black hole

    If the amount of hidden information inside a black hole, depends on the size of the hole, one would expect from general principles, that the black hole would have a temperature, and would glow like a piece of hot metal. But that was impossible, because as everyone knew, nothing could get out of...
  37. B

    Does an object make tons of micro movements while moving?

    Homework Statement This isn't homework, just pursuing some physics on my own and curious. Homework Equations So I've got 2 questions which have been sort of bothering me. 1-When I throw something into the air, does it stop for a tiny time at each molecule it meets (Newtons third law)...
  38. C

    Can Eddy Current Dampers Be Used to Add Damping to Small Mechanical Systems?

    Hello, I have a mechanical motion platform. It's only about 8 grams and about 5x5x5 cm. I'm a bit worried about the natural frequency and I want to mechanically damp it to slightly under-damped. I'm using phosphor-bronze for my spring elements, I'm not sure how much damping is intrinsic to...
  39. J

    Where Can I Buy a Small Radial Inflow Microturbine for a Lab Demonstration?

    Hello, would someone know where could one purchase a radial inflow microturbine of diameter 1 - 2 cm All I need is a contact web address or similar of the manufacturer or seller. Many thanks
  40. R

    What is programmer in micro controller?

    Hi, I am very interested to learn something about micro controller system and work with these. But I don't know much about this so perhaps my question is going to be very stupid one. The thing that I want to know is that what is programmer or burner in a micro controller. Is it a device that is...
  41. G

    Calculation of No. of micro states (in equilibrium)

    Homework Statement Hello, I am required to determine the total number of micro states of a system in equilibrium within a certain value, 1/σ. The number of micro states for this system is given by, \Omega...
  42. G

    Voltage reduction to match micro grid-tie inverter limits

    A panel put out over 30.7 volts, say 34 volts and I have a micro-inverter that require a voltage of 11-30 to work. Other than shading some of the panel, is there a way to half the voltage from the panel without as much loss from shading some of the cells to work the inverter?
  43. trollcast

    Micro USB OTG Cable: Can I Use a Female-to-Female Adapter?

    I'm looking at getting one of these for my tablet but would a female to female USB adapter on the end of the USB lead that came with my tablet work the same? Thanks
  44. B

    Boltzmann Entropy for micro state or macro state?

    From theory, we know that Boltzmann entropy for a given distribution, defined through a set of occupancy numbers {ni}, of the macrostate M, is given by: S=k log(Ω{ni}) where omega is the number of microstates for the previously given set of occupancy number, {ni} . Assuming that the system...
  45. G

    Micro econ MR MC AC etc help

    Micro econ MR MC AC etc help! Homework Statement The adjacent graph (I've attached it) shows the short-run cost situation of a competitive, profit-maximizing firm. Assume that MC is plotted between units. Determine for each of the following prices: i) $150 ii) $200 iii) $230 iv) $350 a)...
  46. A

    How to convert decibel micro volt per meter?

    anyone know how to convert decibel micro volt per meter to dbm?this term are using for rf electromagnet...tq..
  47. M

    Electric Quadrupoles, Micro Black Holes & String Theory

    I had an exchange with Lubos Motl about this topic, in the comments here. Very briefly, there is a 2004 paper in which the author (Kjell Rosquist) considers the old idea that the electron is actually a spinning, charged (i.e. Kerr-Newman) micro black hole. Using a purely classical model for...
  48. N

    Connect Mini USB to Micro USB: Canon S100 & Nexus 7

    Does anyone here know if it's possible to connect my Canon S100 (with a mini USB port) to my Nexus 7 tablet (with a micro USB port), to copy the pictures over?
  49. N

    Will 2.8 micro curie of radiation cause cancer

    I have been working with a 2.8 (decayed over summer) micro curie cobalt-57 source testing a gamma camera. I would like to know if this made my risk for getting cancer higher ? My employers say l don't need to be worried.
  50. J

    Input a micro controller into Eagle circuit 6.2.0 light

    I'm trying to pull in an ATMEGA168A-PU Atmel 8 Bit 16K AVR Microcontroller into Eagle and have looked through the libraries provided through their website, does anyone know where i can find it or and equivalent controller?