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Maximising water flow into an intake on a race boat

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    I've looked at lot of information on the net and have picked up a few things.

    My query is how to work out the optimum radius and measurements for the lead in to an intake on a racing jet boat?

    We cruedly term it the 'spoon effect' where the water runs along the bottom of the boat and up into the intake. The more the intake pressure the faster you go!

    From what i can tell this is the form drag effect (correct me if wrong).

    I imagine the radius (distance) will change with the speed relative to the water as well. The weight of the baot will also have an effect. These are tunnel hulls so the weight on the water is minimal.

    I'm assuming speed will also be important? Assume 80, 100 and 110 mph

    Any feedback appreciated. Happy to answer any questions on measurements etc.... Help this petrolhead please!
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    too hard???
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