Maximizing Reach with Common Names: Eric Brown & Beyond

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In summary, the conversation was about using different keywords to improve search results for common names. The participants shared examples of how they add additional search tags to find specific results, such as adding "topology" or "epimorphism" to the search for "front-closure". They also talked about how searching by last name only can yield a lot of results and suggested adding specific fields or institutions to narrow down the search. Overall, the conversation highlighted the importance of using diverse keywords to find relevant information.
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I'm curious about what other keywords people use. Maybe we could diversity the number of keywords we use for them.

Like, one very common name would be Eric Brown.

So for that, I might add in "Eric Brown + [field name]" or "Eric Brown + site:edu + [field name]".


I'm also curious since I have an extremely common name myself, and I'm wondering how I could best direct people to my webpage/research once I make them.
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I add some more search tags. For example, recently I had to search for the front-closure in topology. So I just type in "front-closure". Sadly, the type of response was a bit *different* :blushing:
So I quickly added "topology" or "epimorphism" to the search tags. That yielded what I wanted.

So if you have an Eric Brown, then just search for "Eric Brown quantum physics" for example, or "Eric Brown MIT". Until you reach what you want...
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i looked up "smith, algebraic geometry" and i was the second hit.
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^Interesting, you're the 9th hit when I do the same search (although that's probably because my google personalized my results for me). A certain Paul Smith at my university gets a lot of the intermediate hits.


Oh wow, looks like I underestimated the number of people who did google searches by last name only. But yeah - that does look common.
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well there were only three of us on page one, paul and karen and me.
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i tried "clark, operator theory" and my friend doug clark was the second hit. most of my other friends have rather uncommon names.
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okay, i searched on "jones, mathematics" and did not find fields medalist vaughn jones in the first two pages, but "jones, knot theory" made him the first hit.

What is the concept of "Maximizing Reach with Common Names"?

The concept of "Maximizing Reach with Common Names" refers to the strategy of using common or popular names, such as Eric Brown, to increase the visibility and reach of a particular product, service, or individual.

Why is it important to use common names for maximizing reach?

Using common names for maximizing reach is important because it allows for easier recognition and recall by a wider audience. Common names are more relatable and familiar, making it easier for people to remember and engage with the product, service, or individual.

How does using common names benefit individuals or businesses?

Using common names can benefit individuals or businesses by increasing their visibility and reach, which can lead to greater recognition, credibility, and potential for success. It can also help create a sense of relatability and trust with their audience.

What are some examples of successful use of common names for maximizing reach?

One example of successful use of common names for maximizing reach is the case of Eric Brown, a common name that has been used by multiple successful individuals in different industries. Another example is the use of common names in popular brands, such as McDonald's or Coca-Cola, which have become household names.

Are there any potential drawbacks to using common names for maximizing reach?

There can be potential drawbacks to using common names for maximizing reach, such as difficulty in standing out among competitors or the risk of being associated with negative connotations if the name is already widely used. It is important to carefully consider the target audience and the potential impact before implementing this strategy.

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