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McGill - Joint Honours in Mathematics and Physics

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    I'm a science freshman (U0) at McGill and I can't seem to find the answer to this question on any website. I've sent it by email to my advisor, but have not got a response back yet. My question to anyone that goes or has gone to McGill is: What exactly are the requirements for entry into the program? The only requirement that is listed in the program description is "completion with high standing of the Physics Pre-Program requirements" (science freshman courses). What exactly does this mean? Is there any implied minimum GPA by "high standing"?

    Thanks for any help. And yes I know it's challenging; that's why I'm interested, really (besides a love for both physics and maths, of course).
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    Well, I got in from CEGEP so it was a bit different, but if you have the pre-reqs for the U1 courses, you should be fine (I think). IIRC, you need to keep a 3.0 GPA to stay in, so I would think you would need at least that to get in. If you can, take Math 222 (Cal 3), as it'll throw off your schedule if you have to take it in U1. And seriously, it is very challenging. I mean that. Be prepared to say goodbye to your life outside of physics. Run up your GPA in your first U1 term, as it'll probably start going down from there.
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