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Engineering ME or AE to enter the field of AE

  1. Nov 27, 2016 #1
    I want to work in the field of AE, I live in India and am applying to institutions in the US for undergrad. A lot of people told me that as an international student or even as person it will be very hard to get a job in the field of aerospace if I major in AE. If instead, I major in ME with a minor in AE, that would be a better option and would open up my job prospects a little more. I do love mechanics, and mechanical engineering but I'm more focused towards designing aircraft, or space vehicles. Is this right decision ( majoring in ME with a minor in AE instead of a direct major in AE) ?
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    Jobs in AE are more cyclical and subject to supply and demand. ME job opportunities are more consistent over time.

    AE jobs also are more subject to geographical constraints. MEs have more options in just about any place you want to live.

    You think you will go anywhere for that dream job, but then you fall in love and get married, and that dream spouse wants to live somewhere without a lot of AE jobs.
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    I know M.Engineers have more job prospects but in terms of working in the AE industry,will a undergrad major in ME be more preferrable to one in AE? Will it make it make a considerable difference ?
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    There are many considerations more important than the engineering field on the degree: reputation of school, GPA, internships completed, accomplishments and experience along the way, ABET accreditation.

    We often try and think about answering the question with "other factors being equal" but there are so many more schools with ME programs than AE programs that it is unlikely that other factors will be anywhere close to equal. And "other factors being equal" with a top 50 engineering school and a 3.5-4.0 GPA is a different deal from "other factors being equal" with a 2.X GPA and a low ranked school.

    I know some engineers working in AE with ME degrees. Work to become a great engineer with a great work ethic. Attend the best engineering school you can afford. Earn a great GPA and try and get some experience with relevant projects. Be willing to accept ME jobs if needed along the way. The field on the degree will not hold you back. Laziness will hold you back.
  6. Nov 30, 2016 #5
    An AE IS an ME that focuses on aerospace, you might be missing some specific coursework but an ME is generally set to do the work an AE does (ie thermo, fluids, etc).
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