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Career counseling is a type of advice-giving and support provided by career counselors to their clients, to help the clients manage their journey through life, learning and work changes (career). This includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career-related issues. There is no agreed definition of career counseling worldwide, mainly due to conceptual, cultural and linguistic differences. However, the terminology of 'career counseling' typically denotes a professional intervention which is conducted either one-on-one or in a small group. Career counseling is related to other types of counseling (e.g. marriage or clinical counseling). What unites all types of professional counseling is the role of practitioners, who combine giving advice on their topic of expertise with counseling techniques that support clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations.

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  1. Atlas618

    Job Skills How could someone work as both an engineer and physicist?

    So I am in high school and really considering my career in the future. So half of me wants to become an Electrical/Mechanical engineer because I really like to find out how things work, make things, and build robots! Another part of me wants to become a theoretical physicist or Astrophysicist...
  2. sbrothy

    Is N. David Mermin's Autobiography Relevant for Today's STEM Scholars?

    [rant clipped] I digress, meander even...I found this: Autobiographical Notes of a Physicist under physics.hist.ph. A place I suspect not many of you look regularly ;) Which sounds pretty prejudiced I'm aware. :) ) This guy's experiences may well be out of date for the need of todays STEM...
  3. Greg Bernhardt

    Academic Guidance Award

    Please select up to 3 members who were most impactful in the academic and career guidance forums in 2023. This is a popular vote. Polls were created by weighing activity and measure of helpfulness. Everyone nominated should feel honored. Many more could be added to this poll, we can never...
  4. Lathropian

    Physics Looking to pivot to physics at 31, could use some guidance

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice (high-level-ish). I fundamentally enjoyed the subject material as an undergrad majoring in Physics. However, I ended up making a late change to Electrical Engineering for the sake of job applicability. I have worked as an engineer for a couple of firms but...
  5. Slimy0233

    Physics Badly Need Honest Advice to make an informed decision on my future in Physics

    This is going to be long, but I request you to read it completely. I finished my Bachelor's 1.5 years ago and it in 2022, I started studying, but I have been having issues with my family and I had to work part time while I was doing this. I had to care for my ailing grandparents and I many...
  6. L

    Engineering Mid career guidance as an aerospace engineer

    Hi all, I have a problem that I’m trying to seek some help out on. I have spent nearly 20 years of my life working in Aerospace Engineering, primarily doing contract work, but doing some direct work as well. I feel like I’m coming up against a brick wall, where I can go no further. I think...
  7. M

    Admissions Want to continue my Formal Education

    Hi everyone, I was a high school student back in 2010 and then I got problems in life where my studies were left behind. I do a lot of self study. But now I want to continue, do a Bs graduation degree but I don't know if any college in world allows a online physics degree. I searched for Arizona...
  8. hagopbul

    Seeking Financial Benefit from Scientific Innovation: A Discussion

    Hello All : hope all are fine and well : during my scientific reading i may found a way to enhance the efficiency of some sort of simple engines , now i am working on a prototype which should be ready in few weeks for testing , the question is what next ? i am interested in solid state...
  9. C

    Physics Rewarding career after physics graduation - Mysterious money?

    Rewarding career after physics graduation - Mysterious money ? ====================================================== Thanks for your response to my threads. This is an interesting forum to seek an insight on this subject. I am surprised by recent piece . Physics professor mysteriously sent...
  10. F

    Physics Career Advice For Final Year Physics Student (UK)

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, I'm looking for some career advice. I want to go into software development (but feel free to suggest any other areas where I might be a good fit, I've also been looking at risk analysis positions). I have experience in a bunch of different areas but it feels...
  11. VulcanRach

    Which Countries Offer the Best Opportunities for a Career in Aerospace?

    Summary:: Masters in aerospace in countries which allow jobs and career path in the same country I'm entering 4th year of my undergrad in mechanical engineering from India and my interest has always been in rockets and propulsion technology. I want to pursue masters in aerospace from US...
  12. D

    Physics Anxious about majoring in physics — considering a switch to engineering

    Hi all, I am a first year student at the University of Notre Dame, and I will be choosing classes for first semester second year in a week or so. I am currently a physics major, but am getting anxious as the time to “commit” approaches. I came in not knowing what I wanted to do as a career...
  13. R

    Physics Should I switch to astrophysics?

    Like many of you, I have always enjoyed physics and math throughout high school. When applying to universities, I was quite unsure about my goals, so I applied to both engineering and science majors. I have always been deeply fascinated by astronomy, but I enjoyed environmental science as well...
  14. Delta31415

    Programs Should I Choose EE or CompE for My Interests in DSP, Controls, and AI?

    Good day everyone, a few months ago I posted a question regarding physics as a major, well fast forward about 6 months and I am studying engineering(I picked engineering(ECE) because first I get to take physics courses up to QM and second after some further research I found out that one of the...
  15. astroman707

    Programs Should my second major to physics be programming or math?

    I’m planning on attending graduate school for physics. My interest is currently in cosmology and astrophysics, but I’m keeping an open mind. I’d like to be prepared in case I choose another field, or go into private sector instead of academia. I’ve decided I want to double major in my...
  16. U

    Aerospace and Physics double major? or Aerospace masters?

    If my goal job title were to be aerospace engineer, what would employer like more: Double major in aerospace engineering and physics, or a masters in aerospace engineering. The reason it is one or the other is I would only like to do only 4 years of school and I can complete a masters in four...
  17. T

    Other Finding A Career Path After Graduating with Math & Physics Degrees

    This may be better suited in the academic forum, or possibly not even the normal type of question asked, but I was just judging based on other similar posts. I just graduated from college this past spring with a BS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Physics, as well as a minor in computer...
  18. G

    Programs Best Engineering Major for Undergrad?

    Hello everyone, Well I’m at that crossroads where I need to make a decision about what I should start moving towards as it relates to a degree, so I figured I’d get y’all’s input. So, my situation is a little bit of a complex one. Here goes: I am a senior in HS, and have been accepted to...
  19. Poison Ivy

    Engineering Have B.S. in Engineering, can I get M.S. in Psychology?

    I was always interested in Psychology but I went into Engineering to satisfy my mother and since she's still not satisfied (who was I kidding?), I'm thinking about getting into Psychology. Can I get an M.S. in Psychology even if I already have a B.S. in Engineering? I'm sure it's not usual...
  20. Heroguy82

    Physics ROTC along with Physics major?

    Hello everyone! My name is Tim and I am going to be a junior physics major this upcoming fall of 2018. I started college in fall of 2014 as a physics major at a junior college and joined the army national guard in the spring of 2015. I went to basic that fall and missed an entire year of school...
  21. Byron Edwards

    Engineering Can an Experienced Electrician Become an EET in Just 3 Years?

    I am an Electrician of 14 years, now in a management position with great experience. I am looking at taking a part time study 3 year course through S.A.I.T that will allow me to get my Electrical engineering technology Diploma in 3 years all while working full-time in the city. This will...
  22. Aaron M

    Engineering Recent BSc in Physics graduate, worried about my new job

    Hello all!, Backstory: I recently graduated with a BSc in physics a month ago. I have been looking to get hired by a certain company since the start of my senior year. The position I was after was a process engineer, however I have not heard back from the company for that position, which I...
  23. AD MCFC

    Engineering BS Physics to Materials Science Graduate Advice/Thoughts

    Hello All, I am currently a junior in physics and have set sights on Materials Science (Electronic Materials/Nanotechnology) for grad school. My school does not offer MS.Eng as a degree and so the only Materials Science course I can enroll in as the general "Introduction to Materials Science...
  24. A

    Physics Theoretical Physicist Career Guidance

    what is the academic route to become a theoretical physicist?
  25. R

    Need career guidance for my masters in High Energy physics

    Hi I am graduating next year from the Univeristy of Athens Greece as a physicist so a moment has come where I have to make a big decision. I have already chosen the path of Theoretical High energy physics and I am currently working on my thesis which focuses on Q.E.D. My first ambition...
  26. U

    Do professors allow outsiders to assist with research

    I have a bachelor's in physics but I wasn't great as a student and didn't do research. Do you think a professor at the University near me would allow me to fill an undergraduate research position so I could eventually use that experience and relationship as a reference for graduate school?
  27. The_Inventor

    Programs Is it worth it to get a second Bachelor's in Engineering?

    Ever since high school I have always been interested in technology and hoped that one day I would be working in a field where I would get to build new gadgets and technologies (I had a particular interest in robotics). When it came time for college I was told by my teacher that physics was a...
  28. S

    Physics Realistic expectations to become an astrophysicist

    Hi I'm 27 years old, and planning to return to university as a mature student to study physics/astrophysics as major. I have gone through websites, reading materials, articles, and I have not found any satisfactory answers for the job descriptions of an astrophysicist. So what to expect to be...
  29. T

    Engineering ME or AE to enter the field of AE

    I want to work in the field of AE, I live in India and am applying to institutions in the US for undergrad. A lot of people told me that as an international student or even as person it will be very hard to get a job in the field of aerospace if I major in AE. If instead, I major in ME with a...
  30. A

    Engineering Engineering Career Guidance needed

    Hi Everybody, I have often found myself reading through the discussions on these forums but never ended up taking part. I came here today because I desperately need career path/education advise. Many of the people who regularly post on these forums appear to be very knowledgeable so I can't...
  31. C

    Helpful Hint for Posters in Career Guidance

    Hi, I'm a relatively new member of PF. I have a suggestion for posters in the Career Guidance Subforum. If you need advice concerning further academic schooling or concerning careers, please specify what country you are in now, in what country (or countries) you have previously studied or...
  32. J

    Physics What Steps Should I Take to Pursue a Career in Medical Physics in the US?

    I am from India. I have completed my masters in physics (cgpa 7) from IIT Bombay and Bachelors in Physics(75%) from University of Delhi. toefl=93, gre=304 I am planning to pursue career in medical physics (radiation therapy) in US. For that what should i do either masters or PhD in medical...
  33. PhysicsKid0123

    Other Computational mathematics vs Applied Mathematics

    Hello PF community, I have a question about a choice that I need to make soon and I would like some opinions from the community. So I am double majoring in physics and applied mathematics at the moment, and I have been thinking about changing my second major to computational mathematics instead...
  34. B

    Programs Advice for a Conflicted ME Student

    Hello everyone, I am a masters student 1/3 of the way through the mechanical engineering program at my school. At some point I have come to the realization that I am really not that mechanically inclined. It seems I have natural tendency towards circuit design and electronics. I really...
  35. M

    Engineering Nuclear engineering career guidance help

    hi, I am a second year nuclear engineering student. can a nuclear engineer work in a particles accelerator, or in a synchrotron.If yes in what nuclear fields should I specify ?
  36. D

    Job Skills Non-desk jobs - Career guidance

    Hi there My question in short is: "What would be the best field to move into if I'm looking for non-desk physics/engineering jobs" Let me elaborate a bit on this. I have a BA degree in fine art, some projects can be seen here http://frimannkjerulf.tumblr.com/ I also have BS degree in physics...
  37. lonelypancreas

    Engineering Electrical Engineering vs Physics

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman electrical engineering student in a university and I'm having a dilemma if I am to transfer to physics or no. First of all, I chose my current program because of our electronics elective class in high school. I enjoyed the experiments back then and the projects as...
  38. A

    Astrophysics: what are the typical career options

    Hi In order to not let my hobby define my profession, I am trying to see what are the future career prospects for studying astrophysics. My academic track record so far is very good, and I also possesses offers for engineering courses in highly ranked universities (Imperial College, Univ...
  39. B

    Engineering Should I stay in engineering or get a math degree?

    Right now I am a student in first year engineering. The main reason i joined engineering is because I like physics and I love math. Right now I'm starting to question if I even want to be an engineer or not. It's not the work or difficulty, I do really well for myself. I'm just unsure if I want...
  40. M

    How intellectually rewarding is a career in Physics?

    Let me first start by saying I'm a junior student currently majoring in Economics, a field which (I know) has very little to do with Physics, if only for some math requirements. The reason I'm in this forum, asking this particular question, is that I've lately been reading Feynman's "Lectures...
  41. 1

    Engineering I don't know what to get a master's in -- Medical physics? Engineering?

    I'm a Physics Undergrad Junior, and I'm currently studying for the GRE's but I don't even know what I want to get a masters in. I refuse to go for a PhD in anything primarily because I don't want to be used as slave for 4+ years, and I have no direct passion in anything. My ideal requirements...
  42. astrophysicskid

    Engineering Aerospace or other basic engineering

    which should I choose for my bachelors' degree:Aerospace or mechanical
  43. Klashta Neali

    I choosing a career in physics to pursue

    I am only in grade 10 but stupid Careers course says I have to choose a career to do a summative study on. I want to choose something that I might go into but I can't choose. The NOC list for "Physics and Astronomy" is very long--I deleted the ones I am not interested in: aerophysicist...
  44. P

    Mid-Life Career Change: Seeking Advice

    Hi, I am basically 45 years old postgraduate in statistics but, unfortunately, I joined private manufacturing company and worked there for 20 years. Now I have resigned from a job and searching new opportunities. But it is very difficult to get a job as industry won't accept me due to the...
  45. S

    Engineering Navigating the Transition from Academic to Industrial R&D

    Greetings, I am a master's student in engineering at Koç University(İstanbul/Turkey) and my bachelor's degree is in Physics from Middle East Technical University(Ankara/Turkey). After I finish my master's I would like to pursue a career in industrial R&D abroad; however, it seems that my...
  46. T

    Junior as Applied Math Major/CS Minor needs career guidance

    Hi all! I am a junior at a University of California going for a major in Applied Math and a minor in Computer Science. So far I have been a TA/Discussion Leader for Calculus for a year, and I've done a presentation at a math conference for community colleges about a school-implemented study...
  47. T

    Engineering Languages to learn for AE (Aerospace Engineering)

    I'm in 11th standard and can speak English fluently. What do foreign languages do you recommend I learn in ?
  48. C

    Guidance for research in Photonics

    Hi, I am in my first year of M.Sc. in physics. I want to pursue a research in Photonics after my Post-Graduation. i am really passionate about Physics and research... but unfortunately there is nobody to guide me in the proper way... i want to pursue research in Photonics in some of the top...
  49. Meron

    Is Malaysia Good for Studying Physics on a Budget?

    Hello everyone! I'm Meron, and I'm a high school senior. As you've already guessed, this is the time for me to think of which university I should be attending. I'm currently residing in Saudi Arabia, and studying at a school which follows the Indian system. I'm thinking of being a physicist when...
  50. H

    Medical Physics Job Market and Future Outlook

    Hello Everyone, I hope that you all are well, I'm a new user here at Physics Forums and one who plans on studying medical physics in graduate school, and hopes to pursue a residency. My question is regarding the job market for those medical physicists who have been able to complete a medical...